Chengdu Launches Trial Run for Section II of Metro Line 4

Authors: China Daily


The second section of Chengdu’s Metro Line 4 opened for trial operations at 8:30 am on June 2.
The metro section stretches eastward toward Xihe town in the Longquanyi district and westward to Wenjiang, greatly easing the transportation pressures of Chengdu.
Metro Line 4 is currently about 21 kilometers in length and has 14 stations in total. The second construction phase has extended the western section of the line beginning from the International Intangible Cultural Heritage Park, and the eastern section of the line from Wannianchang.
The trial run will last for 17 hours, providing convenient travel between Chengdu city center and Wenjiang district.
Four additional bus lines have been set to run in the Wenjiang district to connect more areas of the suburb to the metro.
(source: June 2, 2017)

KFC Releases First Panda-themed Transportation Cards in Chengdu

KFC recently released its first batch of panda-themed transportation cards for the transport on the bus and metro in the city proper of Chengdu.

Apr 07, 2017

Metropolis to Lead National Strategy through Innovation

Chengdu embraces its past and high-tech future to implement civil-military initiative.

Apr 10, 2017

Touring Panda Base by Free Shuttle Service

To celebrate China’s national Tourism Day on May 19, free shuttle bus service will be offered between the Exit A of Xiongmao Avenue Station along Metro Line 3 and Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding on May-21.

May 20, 2017

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