At the 2018 Chengdu Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair (May 18-20), GoChengdu interviewed some foreign attendees about their views on and expectations of the relations between their home cities and Chengdu.
Mr. Taavi Aas , Mayor of Tallinn, Estonia:
In 2013 I visited Chengdu to have an all-round understanding of its public transportation. And then Tallinn drew upon some of Chengdu's experience in improving its public traffic. A Chengdu delegation will be visiting Tallinn and attending a conference on e-government affairs there. For me and my city, my trip to Chengdu this time is a fresh start. Chengdu and Tallinn have a solid foundation for cooperation. I look forward to a deeper partnership between the two cities.
Ms. Jess Miller, Deputy Lord Mayor of Sydney, Australia:
Chengdu is culturally diversified, with strong urban competitiveness and huge potential of economic and social development. I'm highly impressed by its cultural and creative industries represented by the music and performing arts sectors. I hope for a closer tie between Sydney and Chengdu in these fields, and more exchanges between young Sydney artists and their Chengdu peers.
Mr. Miguel Sangalang, Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles, the US:
Yesterday I visited the Tianfu Greenway, and got some first-hand information about the planning of the Chengdu Tianfu New Area. I found the city has a powerful potential to grow in the future. Last year, Los Angeles set up a representative office oriented in tourist services in Chengdu. The non-stop air links between the two cities have cemented remarkably their people-to-people exchange. This is my first time to Chengdu, and I expect more visits to be here in the future, and a closer tie between it and my home city. Marks Third Birthday, an innovation-driven official city portal of Chengdu, launched a global photo soliciting program themed “Focusing on Chengdu” and a classical music concert October 31, to celebrate its third birthday.

Nov 09, 2017

Chengdu,UK launches Joint Institute

The China-UK Institute of Innovative Quality Engineering and Smart Technology was located January 9 at the Business & Innovation Center for China-Europe Cooperation, Chengdu Hi-tech Zone.

Jan 12, 2018

Chengdu Tops All Domestic Counterparts in Innovation, R&D Activity

In early February, the State Intellectual Property Office of the PRC released a report reviewing Chengdu’s development in innovation.

Feb 24, 2018

Chengdu to Build Center for Agricultural Sci-Tech Innovation

The Ministry of Agriculture of the PRC has approved the establishment of a national center for agricultural sci-tech innovation in Chengdu, sources from the Chengdu municipal committee of rural affairs revealed the news on February 27.

Mar 03, 2018

CCEC Marks First Anniversary of Operation in Chengdu

The Business & Innovation Center for China-Europe Cooperation (CCEC), a Chengdu-based platform for the cooperation between western China and Europe in trade, investment and technology, celebrated its first birthday on May 10.

May 14, 2018

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