Hungary: A Window to Europe

Authors: Faye Cui


As the third Consul General of Hungary in southwestern China, Mr. Balázs Szilágyi took his post in the beginning of the year 2015. He strongly recommended the education in Hungary and provided the most practical tourist information for us.
HC: You recommended several scenic spots in Hungary for us in the Spring Festival Symposium held for consuls. I remember you mentioned Eger and Villany besides Budapest. Can you specifically introduce more interesting places in Hungary?
Balázs Szilágyi: I mentioned the hot springs and for that Heviz is a good place to go. There is a big resource of hot springs. Besides, Pecs, the city is at the foot of a mountain. Pecs is also influenced by the Mediterranean and Turkish culture. There are also buildings that have remained for more than 400 years.
HC: Would you like to share some practical advice on traveling in Hungary? Is there any possibility to open direct flight route between Hungary and Sichuan-Chongqing areas?
Balázs Szilágyi: Our country is just as big as the Chongqing area. I recommend that people can not only go to Hungary, but also to other countries. From Budapest you can visit all the places. A typical route is to go from Budapest, then to Vienna and to Prague. So you can go to Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic.
From this May, there is flight from Beijing to Budapest 4 times a week. There are also other possibilities, From Chongqing you can fly to Rome or Helsinki to transfer to Budapest. From Chengdu, there is a connection from Amsterdam and Frankfort. There are more and more possibilities to go to Hungary.
HC: How will the Hungarian Consulate General in Chongqing promote its cooperation with Sichuan-Chongqing area this year? Do we have opportunities to participate in more activities related to Hungary in Chengdu?
Balázs Szilágyi: We are planning the Hungarian Week in October. We will have music performances, exhibitions and other events. Most possibly, it will be a Hungarian Grape Harvest Festival in October. So this is a traditional culture event we are planning. In June we will invite a Hungarian painter to put on an exhibition. And we will consider organizing more activities also in Chengdu.
Source: No.66 of HELLO Chengdu Magazine
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