Hungary: A Window to Europe

Authors: Faye Cui


As the third Consul General of Hungary in southwestern China, Mr. Balázs Szilágyi took his post in the beginning of the year 2015. He strongly recommended the education in Hungary and provided the most practical tourist information for us.
HC: Hungary is among the first countries to have established diplomatic relations with China. What is the focus of trade between China and Hungary at present?
Balázs Szilágyi: Now the trade is mainly focused on automobiles and spare parts; it’s a big part of our export. Pharmaceuticals and medical appliances are also very important. Agricultural products export is increasing very fast. Hungarian wines are seeing a growing demand in the Chinese market. We not only focus on trade in commodities. We think trade is highly related to the logistics, also to services, transfer of technology, research and development cooperation.
HC: What is the development of the economic and cultural exchanges between Hungary and Sichuan and Chongqing areas since the establishment of Hungarian Consulate General?
Balázs Szilágyi: We try to facilitate relations in education. We will have other events to promote Hungary as a place for study. The most famous major in Hungary is medical sciences. Most students come to study medicine in Hungary. We have a high level of education, complete courses taught in English, tuition fees are much lower than some other countries. Now all the universities in Hungary offer classes taught in English. We also try to promote our culture. We will organize some exhibitions from time to time. For example painting exhibitions.
HC: How many Chinese students are there studying in Hungary at present?
Balázs Szilágyi: There are more and more Chinese students going to Hungary for study. There are 30, 000 Chinese people in Hungary; most of them are in Budapest. In Budapest we even have a Chinese primary school. In the school everything is in Chinese and Hungarian. This is integrated in Hungarian education system.
HC: If we ask you to recommend three most representative things of Hungary, what would come to your mind first?
Balázs Szilágyi: First, beautiful cities. Budapest is one of the biggest cities in central and Eastern Europe and is very interesting. I also want to say our food and wine are great, really good tasting. Hot springs can be also mentioned. I know there are also hot springs in Sichuan and Chongqing area. Our hot springs are abundant. In addition to that, there are also very good facilities such as hotels, spas.
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