Fragrance-seeking Journey, an Aesthetic Experience in Chengdu

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Chengdu is a beautiful city with a strong sense of innovation.
With the Sharing Session: Being An Aesthetic Experience Officer of Chengdu and a theme bus tour around the city coming to an end, the Fragrance-seeking Journey during the Chengdu Panda Asian Food Festival (CPAFF), one of the activities launched by YOUChengdu, wrapped up on May 19.
During the event, the 2019 Chengdu Must-have Delicacies and Map of 2019 Chengdu Must-have Delicacies for global foodies were unveiled, and four itineraries for an in-depth tour of Chengdu were launched.
With the support of the CPAFF organizing committee, YOUChengdu invited ten celebrities in the global food and tourism industries to explore the city's delicacies and food culture.
Fragrance-seeking Journey Chengdu panda asian food festival
The 2019 Chengdu Must-have Delicacies lists 100 restaurants categorized into 10 varieties, namely hotpot, chuan chuan & barbecue, Sichuan cuisine, snacks & midnight snacks, coffee & drinks, dessert, light snacks & beverages offered by bars and pubs, cuisines from other parts of China and exotic delicacies.
Since the launch of the global solicitation for the list on April 29, YOUChengdu had received more than 100,000 votes covering 500 restaurants of different food brands before May 7. With an extensive public participation and experts' opinion, the 2019 Chengdu Must-have Delicacies with a total of 100 restaurants were chosen from over 1,000 restaurants in the city.
Fragrance-seeking Journey Chengdu panda asian food festival
The map gives the name and address of each restaurant. On its back, there are detailed locations of all the 100 restaurants and four itineraries for food tours in Chengdu.
The itineraries cover tourist attractions with distinctive Chengdu features.
From May 16 to May 19, YOUChengdu invited local citizens and tourists to join in the food tours along the itineraries. They were offered free bus transportation, which departed from the Wide and Narrow Alleys in the downtown.
The food map is really a quick guide for locals and tourists to eat out in the central areas of Chengdu.
Fragrance-seeking Journey Chengdu panda asian food festival
The global recruitment of Chengdu food experiencers starting on May 5 attracted a large number of applicants, including those from the Netherlands, Malaysia and South Korea.
Supported by the organizing committee of the CPAFF, YOUChengdu invited ten experiencers from both home and abroad to the city.
They are Bruno Masier, President of WTPF, Martin Yan, Host of PBS-TV cooking show Yan Can Cook, Francisco Araya, Chef of Shanghai NAPA Wine Bar & Kitchen, Clément PIQUET, Co-founder of Wine and Spirits, Susumu Jimbo, Sushi cater Chef and Sushi & Japanese Food Instructor of California Sushi Academy, Ms. Ryu, President of International Food Culture Exchange Association, MA KUHO, Founder of Ms Zhang Hotpot, and three food bloggers, Yu Duoduo, Duo Yi and Qiu Yuanyuan.
From May 17 to May 19, they toured around Chengdu and experienced the local food and folk customs.
Fragrance-seeking Journey Chengdu panda asian food festival
Their tour started from the Sichuan Cuisine Museum in Chengdu's Pidu District, where they observed the entire processes of a local handmade thin noodle and Pixian bean paste, which is called the "soul of Sichuan cuisine" with a history of some 300 years.
On the afternoon, they visited the Dujiangyan Irrigation System and Mt.Qingcheng, where they learned Tai Chi from Mr. Wang Yao, the 37th successor of Qingcheng Martial Arts.
Fragrance-seeking Journey Chengdu panda asian food festival
On May 18, which marked the International Museum Day, they visited the old Anren Town in western Chengdu, which is famed as the Town of Museums in China.
Dotted with 27 well-preserved mansions with a history dating back to the Republic of China (1912-1949), the town encompasses a cluster of 43 modern museums, including the Jianchuan Museums, a coffee museum and a whiskey museum. Just like a large-scale museum as a whole, the town impressed the experiencers with its large collection of exhibits in terms of both variety and quantity.
Fragrance-seeking Journey Chengdu panda asian food festivalFragrance-seeking Journey Chengdu panda asian food festival
A day later, after having visited the Shuijingfang Museum in a historical neighborhood in the downtown, the experiencers ended the three-day tour with a session sharing their experiences in and impressions of Chengdu.
The Shuijingfang Museum is a heritage site of liquor dating back to the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) , and has been listed as a national intangible cultural heritage site.
"Chengdu is a beautiful city with a strong sense of innovation. Using fresh ingredients, the wise and creative Chengdu people make their food with tasty and diverse flavors," said Mr. Clement PIQUET.
Fragrance-seeking Journey Chengdu panda asian food festival
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