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Nicolai Peitersen, president of a London-based 3D printing company named WikiFactory, shared with the reporter his story of starting business in Chengdu and his plan on developing the 3D printing services business in the city.
On an early spring day in Chengdu, Nicolai Peitersen, president of a London-based 3D printing company named WikiFactory, was immersed himself into massive e-mails in his office located in the Chengdu IBOX creative base. Though his schedule was tight, he shared with the reporter his story of starting business in Chengdu and his plan on developing the 3D printing services business in the city.
An Entrepreneurial Plan Inspired by 3D Printing Technology
“Chengdu has a long history and profound culture. It is also an emerging creative city,” said Nicolai, who once worked with the Central Bank of Denmark and J. P. Morgan in London. Talking about his motivation of expanding his business in Chengdu, he said, “it’s incredible that Chengdu, as I heard before, a relaxing and comfortable city, has a huge development potential, and is full of business opportunities. It’s really a perfect place for starting business."
WikiFactory has established a partnership with the China Youth Development Foundation (CYDF) and will launch an entrepreneurial program titled “Printing the Future” which involves 10 universities in China's 5 provinces. “Chengdu is the major city in western China and the fourth emerging city in the country. We made a wise decision to start the program in the city,” said Nicolai.
Nowadays, 3D printing technology has been widely used in house building, construction materials manufacturing and machine parts producing, etc. Nicolai and his team have found a different way to develop the technology. “It can bring to life various products, inventions and art. Just because of this, it is quite necessary to promote the technology among young people. Why not if we can create an open platform to give full play to their creativity and help them start their business?”
According to Nicolai, they will establish a 3,000-square meter innovation hub in Chengdu, which offers professional training programs and 3D printing equipment to local innovative and creative personnel. "Their creativity will be brought from the virtual world to the real world, and we will work with venture capitalists or enterprises to make the products commercialized."
Prospect of 3D Printing Tech in Chengdu
“I never worry about the future of the 3D printing technology in Chengdu, because its powerful creativity makes its profound culture perfectly combine with its urban modern development. The new technology will definitely accelerate the city’s development,” said Nicolai.
In Nicolai’s office, many gadgets printed out by 3D technology, such as colorful key rings, mobile phone shells and business card cases, etc., can be seen everywhere. He pointed at a photo wall and said,“3D printed products have been widely used in our daily life, including the construction and auto sectors, and they can also be false teeth and artificial limbs.” Taking up an artificial limb, Nicolai revealed his new year wish. He hopes the disabled in Chengdu could use the 3D printed artificial limbs in 2015.
“We plan to use the 3D printing technology to print the limbs which have a low cost and high quality. Besides, we would like to make contributions to Chengdu’s public-good undertakings. For example, we could print out barrack-like temporary houses for the people suffering from natural disasters,” said Nicolai. “According to our technical research and development, people can print everything through a special computer program, such as cups, furniture and houses. I really like temples in Chengdu. Maybe I can print out a temple in the near future. It must be cool!”
Tips for Starting Business in Chengdu from Nicolai:
Find correct partners, especially those who are locals;
Have a better understanding of the local market, and adapt to the local life;
Figure out what you can do for the city instead of just what you can get from it.

Subsidies for Start-ups in CDHT

The Chengdu Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone (CDHT) will subsidize key staff with well-known companies in starting business and other entrepreneurs in the Zone.

Jan 03, 2015

Alibaba to Establish Entrepreneurial Base in Chengdu

China's e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. announced on January 7 that it is scheduled to build an entrepreneurial base named Baichuan in Chengdu to support local outstanding mobile Internet companies.

Jan 08, 2015

City Launches Entrepreneurial Program

On February 8, the Chengdu Municipal Government initiated a program titled Entrepreneurial Tianfu.

Feb 13, 2015

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