Liam, Harvey: Indulge in Cross-cultural Communication

Authors: Feng Mi


With great interest in the platform and its operation team, interviewed 老外Here's founders Liam and Harvey.
On August 6, the Big Latch On, a global initiative to help reduce barriers to breastfeeding, was jointly organized by a cross-cultural platform named 老外Here in Chengdu, with the participation of over 50 local mothers. With great interest in the platform and its operation team, interviewed its founders Liam and Harvey.
"I love Chengdu. It's like my home. " Liam, a British, came to Chengdu by chance three years ago because he wanted to do something different with his wife. Now, he and his Sichuan wife already have a baby, and have established his own company in Chengdu, together with his Chinese partner Harvey and two other partners, one from France and another from Canada.
As a foreigner living in the Chinese culture, Liam's Wechat moments vividly recorded his amazing life in Chengdu after he had settled down in the city: the first time he played Guzheng ( a traditional Chinese musical instrument), the Chengdu International Football League he joined, his teaching experience at a local primary school, his wedding, his newly-born baby, his wonderful moments with friends, and his newly-started business ... After having been in Chengdu for one year, he wrote down such words in his Wechat moments "Arrived in China a year ago. Best decision of my life."
Living in an international city with over 25,000 foreigners, Liam has come up with lots of new ideas about starting a business. After having taught for a year in Chengdu, he tried many times to look for a part-time job to focus more on starting his own company. During that time, he met Harvey, who then worked with a Fortune Global 500 company and always had new ideas. After a short time, in order to bring their ideas into reality soon, they both quitted their jobs and started their own company with the other two co-founders.
It's rather like a game with great fun. Liam talked about their company name 老外Here and explained its cross-cultural background. "老外" refers to Chengdu people who want to learn more about foreign cultures while "Here" stands for foreigners who want to have a better understanding of Chinese culture and the city of Chengdu.
In Liam's eyes, Chengdu is one of the most amazing cities in the world because it is developing so fast. "I can think of so many new ideas for Chengdu but cannot think of any for my hometown Liverpool because it is already well-developed. "Harvey said that the Chengdu city government offers a lot of support to entrepreneurs and innovators, such as tax deduction and resource sharing.
As a cross-cultural platform, the company often holds a wide variety of cultural events to let expats in Chengdu experience Chinese culture, and Chengduers experience different foreign cultures. Not long ago, they launched a program titled Ukraine Night at which Chinese people and foreigners tasted Ukrainian food, enjoyed Ukrainian music, played Ukrainian games to learn about the culture and folk customs of the country.
In addition, the company also offers online and offline employment services, life services and business solutions to foreigners via a Wechat platform and an app.
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