Kam Panesar: Chengdu is My Home

Authors: Feng Mi


Kam Panesar from the UK shared his story of starting business with gochengdu.cn in the Organic Food Hall, which is managed by his own company.
When talking about the process of starting his own business in a foreign country, Mr. Panesar said the support of the local government is very important. The Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Environmental Protection has offered great support for foreign companies in the city and works closely with local agencies and communities, to help the local people to improve their quality of life and enhance their awareness of environment. “In line with the city government’s new 5-year plan, more and stronger supports will be given so as to develop more vigorously the local economy and make it more sustainable. I believe Chengdu will become greener, more livable and more prosperous economically and culturally in the near future. ”
Mr. Panesar talked about one of other reasons why he had come to Chengdu to launch his business. He said that as the first City of Gastronomy in Asia recognized by the UNESCO, Chengdu has a very slow food culture in the fast food world. “Coming from London to Chengdu was a nice balance between my work and my family life.” He loves the city’s cultural and natural environment which is good for developing agricultural-based business. His hometown Sheffield and Chengdu established a sister-city relationship in 2010. Both cities are renowned for their green and beautiful natural environment and profound culture and tradition.

Having stayed in Chengdu for 6 years, Mr. Panesar has seen the city’s remarkable improvement in its environment. “Being a melting pot and a great talent pool, Chengdu is highly inclusive and culturally diversified. I and my friends from other parts of the world really like it,” he said.

The Organic Food Hall is currently under renovation and the BARN pop-up market place will be looking to return in the next year.

Mr. Panesar’s tips for starting business in Chengdu:
1. Get more involved in various entrepreneurship meetups and programs, which can help you to come up with more creative and innovative ideas, develop your business network, and build your own brand rather than a company.
2. Find a strategic local partner willing to think outside of the box.
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