Huang Shan: Achieving Career Dream through Entrepreneurship

Authors: Go Chengdu


As an energetic post-90s girl and a second-year graduate student at the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC), Huang Shan is now the general manager (CEO) of Champion Robot, which is based in Chengdu and specializes in robotics research and development.
To Transform Scientific Fruits into Reality Efficiently
Along with the rapid development of the Internet and information society, the robotics industry is undergoing fast growth globally. As an experienced entrepreneur in the industry, who has many years' experience of robot contests, Huang believes that it is just the time for transforming technology into realistic application, which means a great number of service robots with different functions will appear in the next decade.
Though the competition in the current robot market is fierce, the young CEO is confident about her team and their products. "Many service robots on the market are not practical enough and unable to meet the demand of consumers satisfactorily. The R & D members of our team are mainly from the UESTC's robot teams and have around 10-year experience in robot competition. What's more, because of our high efficiency, our products like the Robomintoner, were put on the market about half a year after R & D.
Huang said that Robomintoner is their major product now, which is able to play with people independently, saving much manpower and improving people's workout efficiency. But it's not her ultimate goal. Her team aims at being a professional supplier of autonomous intelligent service robot system solutions.
Comfortable Life is the Catalyst for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Being an R & D person, Huang thinks Chengdu is endowed with special advantages for entrepreneurship: pleasant climate, delicious food, low-paced lifestyle and comparatively low living cost, which are key for those who want to start their own businesses and stay in the city.
Entrepreneurs in Chengdu can not only enjoy a comfortable life in the city, but also can concentrate more on what they do, which significantly increases the success of their businesses. And more importantly, the culturally-diversified and inclusive city is a good place for them to find inner peace.
In addition to the favorable natural environment, the city appeals to entrepreneurs and innovators due to the local government's great support. Since 2015, Chengdu has published many policies and initiatives to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship with capital, space and policy.
Huang believes there will be more and more people coming to Chengdu to start their own businesses with the city's development in innovation and entrepreneurship.
Huang Shan's Suggestions for Entrepreneurs:
1. Follow your heart and set goals for your entrepreneurial career; and
2. Failure teaches success. Never give up when facing difficulties and setbacks.

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