Huang Shan: Achieving Career Dream through Entrepreneurship

Authors: Go Chengdu


As an energetic post-90s girl and a second-year graduate student at the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC), Huang Shan is now the general manager (CEO) of Champion Robot, which is based in Chengdu and specializes in robotics research and development.
Champion Robot developed the world's first autonomous intelligent badminton robot, Robomintoner, which had competed with many celebrities, including Chinese Premier Li Keqiang during his visit to Sichuan in April. During the interview with Huang, the reporter from played with the special machine and was impressed by its quick response, precision of catching and force of return, which make its opponents almost feel playing with a real man.
A Science Girl Keen on Entrepreneurship
When talking about UESTC, people usually think of science guys with thick glasses and tedious lab work. At the first sight of Huang Shan, the reporter was impressed by the smart, gentle and beautiful girl. Being a second-year graduate student majoring in Multidisciplinary Design Optimization and Reliability Design at UESTC, Huang has taken part in many domestic and international robot contests and won various prizes. Besides, she tops her school in terms of academic record and comprehensive ranking, and she was also a winner of different scholarships.
You may just regard her as a science girl with great academic record. In fact, she is more than that. Since she came to the university, Huang has joined in many organizations and clubs on campus, and has served as a host for events and parties, and deputy chief of the university's student press corps.
Huang says she is interested not only in science, but in everything beyond her major. She likes to learn how to be a good team leader in all aspects.
Many university graduates would like to work with a prestigious multinational for a stable and decent job after graduation. But Huang didn't choose that. Having worked as an intern in several big companies and co-founded a few non-tech companies with her friends, she even gave up an opportunity to work at UESTC. "I knew all these are not what I wanted. I like very much working in a team and bind all different talented people together through my efforts, building a strong teamwork culture. Besides, I like robots, so I chose to start a robot company (team). Whenever our teammates make a technological breakthrough or new scientific achievements, I always feel proud of them, and they also feel that their hard work is recognized. Thus, a positive relationship is developed among the team members."
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