Fanmi Technology: To Make Babies the Beneficiaries of Smart Tech

Authors: Jay Liu


It’s difficult for many new parents to find out exactly why their babies cry. For them, changing diapers is quiet a hard task, especially late in the night, because they always have to be ready for their babies who usually keep awake.
Going global with strong support
Currently, most mom & baby products on the domestic market are conventional, less smart, less tech-intensive and non-web-based. Introducing smart and internet technologies into the field, Fanmi hopes to make the sector more modern and more technology-based. In early 2016, China started to implement the Two-child Policy, indicating a sharp market increase in demand of mom & baby products. It is the right time for Fanmi to beef up the promotion of its product. According to Liu Fulu, COO and Co-founder of Fanmi, on the domestic market, the company has marketed and sold its products on some famous e-commerce platforms, and has partnered with well-known mom & baby products chains, diaper producers and obstetrics and gynecology hospitals; on the overseas market, it has forged cooperative ties with Amazon Europe and Japanese partners, to offer customized products, which is predicted to hit the market this year.
During the company's development, the local government and UESTC provided strong support for Fanmi, including offering free office space and fund subsidy, as well as helping contact experts. "Thanks to the supports, we can put more energy in the products and keep high-standard and high-quality production to serve more families," said Li.
In addition to the mom & baby products, the company is developing more smart products for seniors and people with special needs.
Li Zhuodong's Suggestions for Startups:
Never give up and focus on your business. People may not be optimistic about the prospect of your product in the beginning, but you must have confidence in yourself and your business. The nature of entrepreneurship is to prove that what you think and do are right.
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