Fanmi Technology: To Make Babies the Beneficiaries of Smart Tech

Authors: Jay Liu


It’s difficult for many new parents to find out exactly why their babies cry. For them, changing diapers is quiet a hard task, especially late in the night, because they always have to be ready for their babies who usually keep awake.
Mini-chip helps keeping baby healthy
Can a thumb-sized chip pasted to the outside of a baby's diaper help parents get free from worrying about forgetting to change their babies' diapers? It's definitely true. Science changes our lives. In early 2016, a childcare gadget called Fanmi Peemate appeared on the Chinese market. It enables parents to find out whether their babies have peed or not, the volumes of the pee and the quality of the diapers. The company which developed the disruptive product is Chengdu Fanmi Technology Co., Ltd, located in the west park of the Chengdu Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone.
Fanmi Technology, a hi-tech company driven by innovation and founded in 2015, focuses on R & D of smart mom & baby products. Its core team comes from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC). How did they come up with the idea of developing such a smart product? Li Zhuodong, CEO and Co-founder of Fanmi said, "Many members of our company are parents, who have to change diapers for their babies at midnight. And the babies may suffer from eczema or red buttocks if their diapers are not changed in time, which annoys the parents much. Besides, many of our members work in the medical industry, having a lot of professional knowledge and experience. Based upon the above two factors, we decided our market positioning and focused our attention on the mom & baby products. Diaper is indispensable for almost every infant, which is in great demand. In order to help parents better deal with the problems on whether their babies feel too full, too warm and when to change diapers through one product, we invented Fanmi Peemate."
Fanmi Peemate T2, the advanced version of Fanmi Peemate, hit the market in July 2016. Compared with the previous version, besides the old functions, T2 can detect excrement, and monitor the temperature and moisture of clothes babies wear.
First, paste a Fanmi Peemate to the outside of a diaper.
Second, imitate the behavior of a peeing baby.
Third, when Peemate detects the pee, there will be a reminder on the Peemate APP simultaneously.
Fourth, tear Peemate from the diaper when receiving the reminder.
Last, put a new diaper on the baby and paste the Peemate to the outside of the diaper, and then the APP will give a new reminder showing the procedure has been completed.
Although it looks simple, it's not much easy to produce such a kind of product, because it is actually highly tech intensive and there were many technological difficulties during the development and production, for example, how to detect whether the baby has excreted or not and how to make the product compatible with over 2,000 existing brands of diapers on the market. The most sophisticated task is to enable the product to collect a baby's health data for his/her parents, including the updates of his/her conditions of intestinal tract and digestive system.
A perfect match between a capable team and a remarkable vision
Two heads are better than one. Fanmi has so far recruited top experts from Germany and America to strengthen its R&D capability. The experts are all highly experienced and worked at multinationals or international R&D institute. What made them choose to work in Fanmi, a new startup?
Dedicated to developing new hi-tech products in the mon & baby sector, Fanmi has developed a unique and innovative technology—contactless ion detection technology, which contributes to the birth of Fanmi Peemate. "However, owning this technology is far from enough for us. We need to solve many other technological difficulties regarding how to collect health data of babies at the same time. So we've invited the overseas experts," said Li Zhuodong. Besides the technological challenges, Fanmi's vision "To make all babies healthier and to make all families happier" is another essential attraction to the top talents. Li and his team expect to make every baby have his/her own Fanmi Peemate, and help all parents to learn how to take good care of their babies during the use of our products and making every family lead a happier life. A fabulous inspiration can't turn into reality without powerful technology.
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