Dream of Red Leaves: the Story of a Senior Entrepreneur

Authors: Go Chengdu


When leaves begin to fall from trees in late autumn, there is a distinct chill in the air. Inadvertently, groves of trees with flaming foliage come into sight, making people feel a trace of warmth in such a cold season.
Gaining recognition in promotion
All new things must undergo a process of being recognized. After the new red-leaf pistache tree was successfully cultivated, Lv introduced it to many horticulture companies, tree seedling companies and individual growers, but no one would accept it and did not believe it can be planted on a large scale in Sichuan Basin.
After some time, a friend of Lv introduced his product to a suburban company in Chengdu, which would have a try. When the seedlings grew up, everything became different. When winter comes, leaves of many other trees like ginkgoes start to fall, but the leaves of the trees turn red from yellow, offering an attractive view for local citizens. Soon afterwards, more and more people came to Lv and bought his seedlings.
In addition to the cooperation with companies and individuals, Lv also keeps close contact with the local forestry administration, in hopes of popularizing his trees in more urban areas. He believes that the red leaf trees can be seen everywhere in Chengdu in the near future.

Lv Rongsen's Suggestions for Startups:
It's never too late to start your own business, and never give up when you're in plight.
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