Chengdu Millennial Entrepreneur Makes Postcards Cultural, Creative Products

Authors: Go Chengdu


At tourist attractions in Chengdu, many visitors can hardly tear themselves away from panda-themed freehand postcards, which are mostly crafted by entrepreneurs from the Chengdu Xiaolin Culture Communication Co., Ltd.
Zhong Xiaolin, founder of the company, has been fond of painting since her childhood. In the winter of 2013, she registered her company, which now has over 10 staff. Zhong said that while running the company, she not only cares about her own hobby and interest, but also attaches great value to the market need. At present, she has transformed from a painter to a corporate manager, focusing on the product positioning.
Zhong Xiaolin shows products made by her company.
Zhong noted that to develop a cultural and creative product, the first thing to consider is how to incorporate cultural connotations into the products. For example, her company launched a series of the giant panda-featured products, which won great popularity among people. Zhong added that cultural connotation, creativity and story are all dispensable for a successful postcard. "To date, we have developed various genres of postcards involving traditional Chinese painting, gouache and watercolor, etc," she said.
Zhong's products attracted attentions from both Chinese and overseas merchants at the Hong Kong International Licensing Show in January. Soon later the company attended the Creative Chengdu exhibition in May which showcased the city's cultural and creative capability to South Koreans. "In addition to greater efforts for creative products, we will enhance the promotion of our brands," Zhong said.
Zhong revealed that her company is tapping the market of the brand licensing sector, and seeking cooperation with famous stationery and tissue brands to explore more business opportunities and launch more cultural and creative products. "Cultural and creative companies are not businesses of profiteering. It takes an entrepreneur a long time to explore their development ways and accumulate experience. I hope that my company can be a practitioner and forerunner of the cultural and creative sector, and achieve stable success," she said.

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