Bella, Daniel: Committed to Bringing Forest Education from the UK to China

Authors: Feng Mi


Bella Ma and Daniel Demarmels are committed to bringing Forest Education to China and providing educational solutions for schools and educational institutions in the country.
Why did we start our business in Chengdu?
In 2012 when Bella first came to Chengdu for an internship, she fell in love with the city soon. In Bella's eyes, Chengdu is an amazing city with a laid-back lifestyle, profound cultural heritage and brilliant modern civilization.
For Daniel, Chengdu is the best place he has been to in China. "Chengdu is one of the fastest growing cities in the world, offering lots of opportunities and possibilities, " said Daniel, noting that "as a city developing and changing rapidly to become a national major city and an international metropolis in the country, it has been attaching great value to the development of education."
The city is also a good place to expand business and develop new markets. Daniel said Chengdu has a huge market in education and the people here are willing to invest in education. "You will surely stand out from your competitors if you can offer top quality education in the city."
"More and more foreigners have found that Chengdu is one of the best places to work and live in China and would like to stay in the city. Our company offers job opportunities to foreign applicants from all over China," said Daniel.
We're Optimistic about Our Future Development in Chengdu
When talking about their company's future development in Chengdu, Bella said she wants to set up a forest education association with other partners to let more Chinese children benefit from the special education.
Daniel's dream is to build a strong platform in China both for Chinese people to learn about western ways of doing things and for westerners to know more about China and Chengdu.
Bella and Daniel's Suggestions for Foreign Entrepreneurs
1. Find a trustworthy local partner to co-establish a company and run it together. There are lots of things that are deeply embedded into local culture and society. You cannot just learn everything from textbooks;
2. Don't be afraid to lose or to be wrong. As long as you do what you think is right, you will have nothing to lose; and,
3. Adapt to local culture and society and keep your own culture and values. As a foreigner in China, you have a lot to offer to people around you, but make sure when you are in a workplace, you are not just a foreign face, and your values are reflected by what you do and say. You have to adapt to the Chinese culture and society, and the local business environment, but never forget the culture and values that go with you.
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