BBD Founder Ricky Gu: Chengdu, Great Place for Financial Big Data Innovation

Authors: Feng Mi


In the age of big data, makers turn their focus to new business models involving technologies related to big data.
BBD always keeps close cooperation with a lot of financial institutions in Chengdu, including small loan companies, Bank of China Chengdu Branch and Bank of Chengdu. And the company also partners with government regulators, law firms and accounting firms. "Thanks to the local government's open-mindedness and inclusiveness, our customers include all those that need the information on any company's incredibility and operations, taxation, legal affairs, staff recruitment and trademark."
Growing rapidly, BBD has set up branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Guiyang and Shenzhen, as well as in Hong Kong SAR and London. "We will accelerate our pace to open up overseas market and hope to establish another office in America this year."
Talking about the company's future development, Ricky said: "For us there will be a long way to go. We will continue our efforts to upgrade our products and services, to help better people's life and create more value for our customers. We believe that, focusing on the Chengdu market, we will embrace much more opportunities and develop more business models."
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