Angela Chow: I Teach Kids in Chengdu

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Angela Chow, education director of Canadian Yuwen International Education Group, shared her 14-year life and work experience in Chengdu in an exclusive interview with
Looking Ahead
New Expectation of “City of Entrepreneurship”
Encouraged by the policies by Chengdu government to support innovation and entrepreneurship, Angela is optimistic about the prospect of her career and wishes local governments and related departments could offer more professional guidance for entrepreneurs, especially those who have just graduated from universities and colleges, to help them bring their ideas into reality.
Angela said she would be glad to see more people from Taiwan come to Chengdu to start business, since the city has a favorable environment for innovation and business start-up in policy and financial support.
Angela’s Advice on Business Start-up:
You need three fundamentals to start a business: professional capability, self-reliance and financial guarantee;
Have a positive attitude and a successful career begins with basic work;
Have a strong sense of responsibility and occupational ethics;
Focus on long-term business development and avoid blind expansion.
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