A Hollander’s Entrepreneurial Journey in Chengdu

Authors: Feng Mi


Several years ago, the homeland of the cute animal saw the birth of Dr. Panda, a series of kids mobile games which are highly popular among children around the world.
Drawing Inspiration from Chengdu Culture and Natural Beauty
Thijis and his team continuously draw inspiration from Chengdu's cultural and natural landscapes and incorporate the unique attractions and scenery into their products.
The city's highly-developed software industry, profound culture and relaxing lifestyle offer the company fertile soil to grow.
"Chengdu always makes me feel calm. The inner peace often helps me come up with a lot of creative ideas. I also like to drink tea and taste local cuisine as locals do. Chengduers are very nice. I have already regarded the city as my second hometown."
Over the 6 years since the company's founding, Dr. Panda has grown from a 5-member group to an international team of over 50 people, with its major market in China and the US. To further expand its global market, the company is planning to set up an office in Silicon Valley.
In addition to Dr. Panda, there are many growing mobile game startups in the city. Dubbed as China's Fourth Largest City of Games and City of Mobile Phones, Chengdu had around 300 online game companies with about 1,3000 employees in 2016. Among the developers, 51 above the designated scale accomplished an annual gross revenue of RMB12.05 billion, an increase of 43.5% over a year ago.
Looking Forward to the Bright Future
Although the series of Dr. Panda games are very popular worldwide, Thijs does not want them just mobile games. "Our dream is to make Dr. Panda products the best friends of all kids all around the world and develop them to be a global kid brand, like Mickey Mouse," said Thijs with confidence.
Currently, the company is developing byproducts related to the games, such as furry toys and AR toys. Thijs showed the reporter an AR toy to be launched in July. After coloring the images on a card and scanning it with their phones, the kids can play with the characters in the games on their phones.
In the next step, the company will develop more games and produce a TV animation series which is planned to be launched in 2018 and broadcast on mainstream TV stations and online platforms worldwide.
Currently, Thijs has a 2-and-a-half-year-old girl, and expects she and all other kids around the world could grow up happily with the accompany of Dr. Panda games.
In addition, Thijs expressed that his company has been looking for talented people across the globe. No matter where you are from, if you are good at programming, art design, marketing or business management, as long as you love Dr. Panda, you are more than welcome to join in the Dr. Panda team. You can visit drpanda.com to seize the opportunity to create a better future with Dr. Panda.
Thijs's Suggestions for Startups:
The most important is to find right people to form a team. As a foreign entrepreneur, when you are in a different social environment and culture, it's very important to have local Chinese people you can trust.
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