Trevor Owens: Chengdu a Good Choice for Long-term Development

Authors: Feng Mi


Trevor Owens, founder of Lean Startup Machine and author of The Lean Enterprise, shared his opinions on business success at the 6th Startup Grind Chengdu at Tencent Makerspace, held on June 30 in the city. 
As a creator of the global Lean Startup Machine workshop series, Trevor Owens has trained thousands of startup businessmen and innovators, some of which are from Google, GE, News Corp, Intuit and so on, to help them start new businesses around the world.
At the interview with local website, Trevor said he is deeply impressed with Chengdu, especially the city government's efforts encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship. The city has a sound environment and an agreeable atmosphere for innovation and business startup, compared to many other cities all over the world.
"All this provides good conditions to entrepreneurs for long-term development," Trevor noted, "It can give entrepreneurs more diverse possibilities and perspectives, and motivations for business expansion."
"Anyone who creates a new product in a new market, or tries innovations within the company, can be an entrepreneur," said Trevor, who also stressed the importance of the training for large enterprises, because they enjoy more resources and are in a favorable position for innovations than startup businesses. On the other hand, companies who are leaders today may have a very difficult time in maintaining their leads in the future if they ignore innovation.
Trevor suggested that entrepreneurs should pay more attention to meet the needs of clients, the key to the reputation and success of their business, rather than hold onto the fulfillment of their own ideas. He wished the workshop could be held in Chengdu in the near future for more people to share his experiences on business startup.

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