Hu Wenliang: I’m Happy to Work in Chengdu

Authors: Go Chengdu


Today, people cannot live without such electronic products as TVs, computers, and mobile phones, etc. Though differing in forms and shapes, as well as functions and purposes, they are equipped with the same built-in component, circuit board.
Inclusiveness and Distinct Gourmet
Hu's first impression of Chengdu's cuisine when he set foot in the city can be described in two words "spicy" and "mouth-numbing." "On the day when I arrived here, the chef at the TG Chengdu Glass specially prepared two bowls of noodles in different flavors for me: one looked spicy, and another looked not hot. I ate first the one looking not spicy but could not speak just after the first bite, because it was too mouth-numbing. I was told that there were Sichuan peppercorns in the soup. And after having tasted the two bowls of noodles, l had a real understanding of Sichuan food's spicy and numbing flavors." After some time in the city, Hu gradually fell in love with Sichuan food. When his son and daughter came to Chengdu for the first time, Hu invited them to try Sichuan food, and they surprisingly liked the food very much. Hu believes the inclusive city makes people become more inclusive.
Hu's wife works and lives in Taiwan Province, but she always finds the time to come to the city. The fast development and great change of the city surprises her every time. "What dramatic and wonderful changes! The roads and buildings are now so clean and tidy." Every time when she is in Chengdu, Hu always tells her to take more looks at everything around her, because possibly all the things will take on a brand new look next time when she is here.
Besides routine duties, Hu enjoys sharing his professional experience and skills with his colleagues through regular training sessions. "I feel happy with the work here and relaxed during the leisure time. But I hope to progress with them together, so as to meet higher requirements from our clients and the market." Hu believes that with Chengdu's sound social and economic development and local government's consistent support, Taiwanese-funded companies will have a better prospect in the city.
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