Hu Wenliang: I’m Happy to Work in Chengdu

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Today, people cannot live without such electronic products as TVs, computers, and mobile phones, etc. Though differing in forms and shapes, as well as functions and purposes, they are equipped with the same built-in component, circuit board.
To produce a circuit wafer, e-glass fiber is one of the most important materials. Here in Chengdu there is a company which specializes in manufacturing the product, Taichia Chengdu Glass Fiber Co., Ltd.
Attractive Offer Brings in Famous Taiwan Company
Taichia Chengdu, affiliated to Taiwan Glass Group (TGG), which is one of the five biggest glass industry groups in the world, was founded in 2011 in the city. Hu Wenliang, general manager of the company, came to Chengdu from Taiwan on the ground-breaking day of the plant in 2012.
Generally, for lots of Taiwanese-funded companies, the eastern coastal regions in the motherland are their first choice to make investments or establish operations. Why was Chengdu, a city in the western inland, favored by TGG? In 2000 the national government began implementing the Go-West Campaign, and Chengdu is definitely the uppermost city during the western development. TGG had been attaching strategic value to and preparing to establish business presence in the city, said Hu. He noted during the construction and development of Taichia Chengdu Glass Fiber Co., Ltd., the Chengdu city government offers a lot of conveniences and favorable polices, especially those related to the use of land and administrative approval. The company has benefited a lot from the city's sufficient supply of electricity and natural gas, as well as convenient land, water and air transportation.
Chengdu has published a series of key talent policies over the past years, including those involving green card for talented people and household registration for university graduates, attracting lots of top personnel from both home and abroad. Hu said a few of his company's employees had become beneficiaries of the policies. And the company's second phase will be brought under construction soon. He believes more and more excellent people will come to the city, to enlarge the local talent pool. Now, Taichia Chengdu has around 1,000 employees, with an annual output of 30,000 tons and a yearly sales volume of about RMB600 million.
A Witness of Chengdu's Development
Hu has worked and lived in Chengdu for nearly six years since 2011. When he just arrived in the city six years ago, there were only four ring roads around the city. Currently, the second beltway has been in service and the third one is under building. The six years saw the city's faster social and economic growth, as well as more convenient transportation.
What has impressed Hu most about Chengdu is the construction and upgrading of the local road systems. He said that many broad and straight roads with lush vegetation on both sides have appeared across the city. Another obvious change of the city is the local residents' ever improving level of civility. He still remembers that when he just came here, he found that some drivers beeped horns from time to time while driving, but as time goes by, he hardly hears the blare of horns on the road.
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