Founders Space Founder Steven Hoffman: We will Definitely Establish Presence in Chengdu this Year!

Authors: Feng Mi


On the night of April 17, Steven Hoffman, a co-founder of Founders Space, the world’s leading Global Incubator + Accelerator based in Silicon Valley, showed up in Chengdu and shared his experience and perspectives on innovation and entrepreneurship with local makers.
Mr. Hoffman expressed that Chengdu has a very good eco-environment for innovators and startups, and his incubator, which has trained hundreds of startup founders including those of Instagram, an online mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking platform, will set up an office in Chengdu definitely this year.
Mr. Hoffman holds an optimistic view on China's mass innovation and entrepreneurship initiative, especially that of Chengdu, which, in his eyes, has made big progress in terms of the innovation and startup climate and government support. "Whenever I ask people which Chinese city will be the emerging city with the most powerful potential in the country in the future, all of them give me the same answer 'Chengdu.' I firmly believe it will be an important hub for startups and innovators in China," he said.
When asked how Chengdu could become an international innovation and entrepreneurship hub, Mr. Hoffman said that the city should bring in as many overseas talented people as possible, and offer them opportunities to work together with their local counterparts. On the other hand, introducing angel investment is also very important. Investors play a highly important role for startups, because they would take a big risk to input capital into fledgling startups.
Different from Chinese incubators, Founders Space will use its expertise to train startups to innovate, and to cultivate big businesses. It could offer local startups access to its global network of relationships, which does best in educating and mentoring makers, and train local startups overseas and help them set foot in American and European markets, Mr. Hoffman said.
He revealed that Founder Space had set up incubators in Shanghai, and had inked deals with its counterparts in Beijing and Wuhan. "We will definitely establish presence in Chengdu this Year."

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