Czech President Hopes for Further Tie with Chengdu

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At the invitation of Chinese President Xi Jinping, the President of the Czech Republic Miloš Zeman paid a state visit to China from October 24 to 27, the first by Czech head of state for nearly a decade. On October 24, Mr. Zeman arrived in Chengdu to start his China tour.
In Chengdu, the first leg of his China visit, Mr. Zeman expressed his willingness to further cooperation with the city in the aviation industry, and signed a series of related cooperative agreements with the Sichuan Provincial Government.
During his stay in Chengdu, Mr. Zeman toured the Wide and Narrow Alleys, experienced Chengdu people’s leisurely lifestyle and enjoyed Sichuan Opera performances including the face changing. “I like Chengdu very much, which has fine food, pretty women and beautiful scenery. I hope Czech and Chengdu could strengthen bilateral communication and cooperation focusing on the Silk Road economic belt,” Mr. Zeman said.
On the day, Mr. Zeman attended and made a keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the 15th Western China International Fair(WCIF)and the 7th Western China International Cooperation Forum.
At the ceremony, Mr. Zeman acclaimed Sichuan as the most beautiful province in China. He also expressed that he had learned that western China is a right place for business development and cooperation, and he expects a stronger tie with the region.
Czech hopes to involve in international exchanges and cooperation with Sichuan, Mr. Zeman said, adding that he will support the partnership between Czech and Sichuan to improve more mutual exchanges in the fields of education, business and tourism.
Mr. Zeman specially mentioned that Sichuan is abundant in tourism resources, which could offer a large variety of travel products to different tourists.
After the ceremony, Mr.Zeman visited various exhibits in the WCIF’s Czech Pavilion, including vehicles manufactured by Czech-based Skoda Auto and light aircraft made by the country. He was attracted by the nose of ARJ21 aircraft fabricated by the AVIC Chengdu Aircraft Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd., and said to an official from the company “I hope your company could bring your hi-tech products to Czech. Sichuan and Czech has a great prospect of cooperation in the aviation industry and aircraft manufacturing. I am looking forward to the direct flight between Prague and Chengdu.”

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