China’s First Fintech Makerspace in Chengdu

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These Stories will offer you special insights into the solid foundations and climate for innovation and entrepreneurship of Chengdu’s financial industry, as well as the city’s determination and belief to become the financial center in western China.
How does it feel to work in a fancy and amazing fintech hub which is home to more than one hundred startups and teams?
Jiao Zi Fintech chengduJiao Zi Fintech chengdu
Jiao Zi Fintech Dreamworks
Jiao Zi Fintech chengdu
As China's first fintech makerspace, the Jiao Zi Fintech Dreamworks was put into operation in July 2018 in Chengdu. It is devoted to providing support for the compliant applications of such financial technologies as big data, cloud computing, AI and block chain in payment and settlement, loan financing, wealth management and settlement of transactions, etc. Up to now, the hub has massed 102 fintech teams from home and abroad, with over 1700 entrepreneurs in the related sectors. To be the world's largest platform for fintech innovation and entrepreneurship, it targets to bring together about 300 fintech companies and around 10,000 R&D people, with a space for operations covering 100,000 square meters in 2019.
Jiao Zi Fintech chengdu
In a recent day, a gochengdu journalist visited the makerspace and interviewed representative teams based there. Their impressive startup stories will offer you special insights into the solid foundations and climate for innovation and entrepreneurship of Chengdu's financial industry, as well as the city's determination and belief to become the financial center in western China.
Mr. Ray Co., Ltd.
As a leading hi-tech firm specializing in the fields of block chain and data security in China, Mr. Ray Co., Ltd. settled down in the Jiao Zi Fintech Dreamworks in September 2018. Ms. Xia Qi, an associate professor at the School of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, is CEO of the company. She has been engaged in the research in the related fields for a long time.
Jiao Zi Fintech chengdu
Xia Qi
"We're working in the same place with our target customers, thanks to the location of the space and the fintech ecology fostered around it," said Xia.
"I am not a local here, but after I have lived in the city for some time, I really don't want to say goodbye to it. We started our business here because of its abundant reserve of talent, huge market potential, favorable policies, fast development in the financial industry, and diversified and inclusive culture," she said. "In addition, the city has a unique advantage that must be mentioned, the local people's laid-back and comfortable way of life. It is an ideal place not only to work, travel, do and start business, but also to live. This point is key to our creativity and capability of innovation," she noted.
Finlean Tech
Also a fintech firm, the Finlean Tech provides solutions to "Internet+Comsumer Finance" operations for small and micro companies, based on its self-developed SaaS platform. It helps customers get efficient and quality financial services in terms of expanding user base and obtaining financial products, by analyzing, assessing, distributing their data.
Jiao Zi Fintech chengdu
Yu Yannan
"Our mission is to enhance the competitiveness of small and micro businesses in offline consumption scenarios, through the empowerment of financial technology, so as to drive their business growth," said Yu Yannan, CEO of the company.
Jiao Zi Fintech chengduJiao Zi Fintech chengdu
Fanshan Technology Co., Ltd.
As a provider of technologies for risk identification model in the fintech sector, Fanshan is now engaged in three major business operations, serving over 10 million users and more than 500,000 small and micro companies. Having provided them with working capital totaling over RMB10 billion, it has emerged as a new innovation-driven fintech company in China.
Jiao Zi Fintech chengdu
Wu Jialiang
"The Jiao Zi Fintech Dreamworks is full of a strong entrepreneurial climate, creating good opportunities for the teams here to exchange with and learn from each other. It's also a perfect platform for us to expand our business resources," said Wu Jialiang, CEO of Fanshan.

Chengdu forging links with France

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Dec 19, 2017

CDHT, Silicon Valley to Cooperate in Tech Finance Sector

Chengdu Hi-tech Zone (CDHT) inked March 27 an MoU with the Silicon Valley City Group (Dublin, Mountain View and Menlo Park), and Him Group on the establishment of technology finance centers in both Chengdu and Silicon Valley.

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Nobel Laureate in Economics Talks about FinTech in Chengdu

On November 3, a fintech forum titled SWUFE & CDAR 2018 was convened here in the city by the Chengdu Municipal People’s Government, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (SWUFE), as well as State Street Corporation, etc.

Nov 08, 2018

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