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The 2014 India-China(Chengdu)Business Forum took place in north Chengdu’s Xindu District on Dec. 18.
Sponsored by the Chengdu Municipal Government and Embassy of India in China, the event is part of the “Glimpses of India” activities to celebrate the Year of China-India Exchange 2014.
“Chengdu and India will be committed to tapping the great potential of the mutual win-win ties which are complementary in economic and trade cooperation. The two parties are planning to expand the areas of cooperation and further the partnership in the near future,” said one of the organizers of the event.
During the event, a platform for releasing Indian companies’ purchasing information in Xindu was launched, through which first hand information on procurement of both India and China is made public.
The North Commercial City in Xindu and India China Economic and Cultural Council (ICEC) signed a strategic agreement in Bangalore this September. According to it, the newly-built platform is aimed to collect and publish the purchasing information about the two sides. To establish a long-term business partnership, India and Xindu are scheduled to open trade and exhibition centers in the two countries.


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Jul 02, 2014

Chengdu, Indonesia to Promote Agro-cooperation

The 2014 Indonesia-China(Chengdu)Agricultural( Machinery)Investment Promotion was held on May 26 at Sichuan Modern Agricultural Machinery Industrial Park in Xindu District.

Oct 19, 2014

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