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In March 2016, Chengdu Municipal Government published the Report on Development of Foreign-invested Enterprises in Chengdu 2015 (including Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR and Taiwan).
According to the report, there were a total of 7,091 foreign-invested enterprises (FIEs) in Chengdu, with the investment amount exceeding USD 60 billion. In 2015, there were 863 new FIEs, the new investment totaled at USD 3.98 billion and the new registered capital amounted at USD 1.7 billion (up by 20.6% over the previous year). Chengdu topped cities in central and western China in terms of the number of FIEs, total investment amount and registered capitals.
Q: Types of foreign-invested enterprise entities (2015)
A: ● 224 corporate enterprises ● 633 branches ● 6 enterprises
Q: Fields of investment
A: 1,929 FIEs in wholesale and retailing, 1,671 in rental and business services, 796 in manufacturing, 557 in information transmission and software and IT services, 542 in lodging and catering, and 519 in real-estate.
Q: What are priority industries of foreign investment as in Chengdu municipal strategic planning and development?
A: Foreign investment focuses on priority industries and areas of Chengdu municipal strategic planning and urban development. Foreign-invested enterprises grow steadily in number, size and quality. Among them,
Wholesale and retailing (1,929 enterprises)
Rental and business services (1,671 enterprises)
Manufacturing (796 enterprises)
are the top three industries that attract most foreign investment.

Q: What is the trend of investment in emerging industries?
A: Foreign-invested enterprises in emerging industries like information transmission and software and IT services continue to increase, totaling at 557 and accounting for 7.86% of FIEs.
Q: What are the industries with mature systems?
A: Four 100-billion-yuan industrial clusters, namely electronic information, automobile, machinery and foods, are favored by foreign investors for their mature industrial chains and supporting facilities.
Q: Where did the overseas investors come from and their registered capital?
A: According to the statistics and analysis of the number of foreign-invested corporate enterprises invested by overseas investors, investors from the following ten regions and countries invested most: Hong Kong SAR, China (1,044 enterprises, 21.6 billion USD), Taiwan, China (265 enterprises, 540 million USD), the United States (248 enterprises, 1.16 billion USD), Singapore (218 enterprises, 4.55 billion USD), British Virgin Islands (142 enterprises, 2.53 billion USD), Japan (139 enterprises, 1.2 billion USD), Republic of Korea (107 enterprises, 80 million USD), Canada (77 enterprises, 110 million USD), the Great Britain (50 enterprises, 170 million USD) and Australia (44 enterprises, 70 million USD).
Q: Who are the investors in 2015?
A: Statistics show that investors come from Hong Kong SAR, Taiwan, East Asia, Southeast Asia, North America, Europe and Australia. In 2015, investors from the following regions and countries registered the most new foreign-invested corporate enterprises in Chengdu:
Hong Kong SAR, China (86 enterprises)
Taiwan, China (23 enterprises)
Republic of Korea (19 enterprises)
They took up 57.1% of the total new foreign-invested corporate enterprises in 2015.
Q: What is the platform for innovation and startup in Chengdu?
A: A new structure promoting "3+M+N" model of innovation and entrepreneurship has taken shape in Chengdu. Major efforts have been made on building innovation and entrepreneurship leading zones: Jingrong International Square, Tianfu Jingrong Center and Jingrong town. Great headways are made in creating innovation and entrepreneurship clusters centered around economic circle consisting of higher education institutions, building innovation and entrepreneurship zone featured with advantageous industries in cities and prefectures. These all contribute to the advent of two platforms: Jiongronghui and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair. By August, 2016, some 200 Jingronghui events have been successfully held, receiving over 400,000 visits.
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