Alibaba to Establish Entrepreneurial Base in Chengdu

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China's e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. announced on January 7 that it is scheduled to build an entrepreneurial base named Baichuan in Chengdu to support local outstanding mobile Internet companies.
To facilitate the growth of the country’s mobile Internet industry, Alibaba has planned to establish 9 entrepreneurial bases around China including one in Chengdu, the only city in the western regions.
An official with Alibaba revealed that the Chengdu base will focus on the development of local outstanding mobile Internet companies. All start-up teams involved in the industry are welcome to submit applications for settling down in the base, and they will be offered free office space and training opportunities involving the knowledge and skills on technologies, products, operations and marketing, if their applications are successful.
China’s famous Internet firms including Baidu Inc. and Tencent Holdings Ltd. had set up their entrepreneurial bases in Chengdu earlier, which are aimed to seek good entrepreneurial projects in the city. With the three Internet giants getting increasingly optimistic about their growth here, “Chengdu’s mobile Internet industry will be boosted significantly, thanks to the leading Internet companies’ quality resources,” an industry insider said.

Chengdu leads internet innovation in central and western China

Chengdu is the only city in China's central and western regions to make the top 10 in terms of internet innovation and entrepreneurship, according to rankings issued by Tencent's open platform. Chengdu developers have branched out into internet finance, automotive applications, location systems, mobile health care and mobile education.

Jul 01, 2014

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On November 10, the CDHT published policies to encourage technological innovation through third-time entrepreneurship at a news conference.

Dec 18, 2014

City’s Mobile Internet Industry Developing Fast

The city’s total output value of the mobile Internet industry in this year’s first nine months was RMB203.05billion (approx. US$32.75billion), increasing 30.2% year on year.

Dec 02, 2014

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