Witnessing Chengdu’s Fast Growth, Looking forward to Success of “Home in Chengdu” Project

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The Chengdu 2016 New Year Reception for Consular Officers was Held on February 3rd.
"We've witnessed how Chengdu dealt with various challenges and led the economic development of neighboring areas. In recent years, the city has been widely regarded as one of the fastest-growing cities in China and even the world." In the process of building itself into an international metropolis, consular officers in or involving Chengdu are not only witnesses of the city's rapid social and economic development and change, but also "bridges" for deepening exchange and cooperation between Chengdu and the outside world.
Themed "Cementing Friendship and Furthering Cooperation", the Chengdu 2016 New Year Reception for Consular Officers was convened on February 3rd, with the attendance of consular officers in or involving Chengdu from 15 countries and representatives from the Hong Kong and Macao SARs. At the grand gathering, the guests spoke highly of Chengdu's fast growth in the past years, showed high expectations for the "Home in Chengdu" project for foreigners, and tasted delicious foods selected from the program "Chengdu Delicacies Most Favored by Foreigners", which was launched by website gochengdu.cn. "There have been 15 consular agencies in Chengdu, whose great development potential and hospitality convince me that the city will attract more countries to establish consular agencies here in the years to come," said Komate Kamalanavin, Royal Thai Consul General in Chengdu. Having worked in Chengdu for three years, Mr. Kamalanavin regards the city as a place like home. "I believe the 'Home in Chengdu' project launched by the Chengdu city government will enable foreigners here to live a more comfortable and happier life."
According to an official from the Chengdu Municipal Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, the "Home in Chengdu" project for foreigners is an essential measure for the city to become more international. It is aimed to create the environment of an international metropolis, facilitate the life and work of foreigners in Chengdu, and enhance their feeling of belonging to the city. The project involves 17 items of work ranging from government information announcement to guarantee and improvement of public service for foreigners.
It's worth mentioning that winners of the "Happy City·Chengdu Delicacies Most Favored by Foreigners" program were announced at the reception. 21 famous Chengdu restaurants were honored and showed their signature dishes popular with foreigners. The foreign guests tasted and praised highly the delicacies.
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Australia Opens Visa Center in Chengdu

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Nov 18, 2015

Chengdu Establishes Sister-City Relationship with Fez

On December 29th, the 19th Session of the Standing Committee of the 16th Chengdu People’s Congress approved through voting to establish a sister-city relationship with Fez, Morocco.

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Chengdu to Host Sino-US Sister Cities Youth English Debating Competition

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Feb 05, 2016

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