TI’s 7th Assembly/Test Facility Gets Operational in Chengdu

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On November 6, Texas Instruments (TI) put its seventh global assembly and test facility into production in Chengdu, and announced that it will establish a 12-inch wafer bumping plant in the Chengdu Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone (CDHT) to expand its manufacturing capacity.
The company, one of the largest semi-conductor manufacturer in the world, announced to make an investment amounting to US$1.69 billion (approx. RMB10 billion) in Chengdu in the next 15 years, at the 2013 Fortune Global Forum in June 2013. The fund will be injected into TI’s Chengdu base, which includes a newly-built assembly and test facility and the project to expand the existing wafer plant in the city.
After one year, Mr. Kevin Ritchie, TI’s senior vice president and manager of global technology and manufacturing, paid a special visit to Chengdu on November 6, and announced the company’s move to set up the 12-inch wafer bumping plant and its inauguration of the 7th assembly and test facility. So far, the 33,260-square meter manufacturing base in Chengdu has become the only one of TI in the world involving wafer production, assembly and test.
“Four years age, TI built its first wafer factory in the Chinese mainland in the CDHT. In just a few years, the Chengdu plant has become one of TI’s best-performing factories in the world. All services offered by Chengdu and the CDHT, the city’s dynamic economic growth, and its huge talent pool and well-established traffic infrastructure are precisely what we hoped for. All of TI’s decision makers had come to the consensus to make Chengdu one of our company’s key strategic bases,” said Mr. Ritchie
With the formal operation of the 7th plant, TI will assembly and test millions of wafters. Mr. Ritchie revealed that the factory for the 12-inch wafer bumping will be put into construction next year, and it will become operational in 2016.

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