The Balcony of Du Fu

Authors: 成都日报锦观


This is a story of a thousand years.
Du Fu, one of the greatest poets in the world. On account of war, he had become a poor unaccommodated man struggling with countless hardships and tribulations. Driven by starvation, Du Fu headed to Qinzhou, and then turned south, down to Chengdu in winter 759.
As he wrote "In my journey the mountains and rivers have changed, and suddenly I am at an edge of the world."
If Du Fu could travel through time, what would he see in today's Chengdu?
Here in Chengdu, he built himself a thatched cottage, which called Cao Tang today. It has been a significant place of literary pilgrimage in China's history.
The past is receding from us at an ever faster rate, however, something never changes.
"The window holds the western peaks' snow of a thousand autumns, my gate moors for eastern Wu a ten-thousand league boat." This scenery lasts for 1200 years, we can still overlook snow-capped mountains from our balconies. We can see lucid waters and lush mountains with boundless hills stretch across the flat land, birds are singing and people are jogging on the greenways.
For sure, Du Fu enjoys these when he sees people here today. It's an attractive time travel without doubt!
As Du Fu wrote, "The city is bustling,full of new people. The splendid houses, the trees." You can feel his relief to be down south after countless tribulations.
In the Tang Dynasty, Chengdu was so flourishing. Time flies, this metropolis is more prosperous than ever before. It's very convenient to go shopping, as numerous international brands are easily to be found. Du Fu is so proud because of his old-fashioned clothing, that is a totally cultural and creative product today. You can never buy a clothing full of historical value like this!
"Where am I?" Du Fu is a little puzzled.
"Welcome to the Future City! Here is the viewing platform of the Longquan Mountain City Forest Park. Actually, Chengdu announced to establish a provincial-level new area in its eastern part, and revealed the overall planning for the future development of the the area, which will cover 729 square kilometers as planned."
"Bravo! This is a great change!", says Du Fu.
Time goes slowly in the past, however, the pace of the era is speeding up. The rapid development of science and technology is promoting the progress of our society. It was not easy for a poem to be widely read in ancient times, while it can be known to all through the Internet in only few seconds now.
5G, VR, AI... It really surpassed Du Fu's wildest imagination. "I should use cellphone to make a selfie and upload it to Wechat right now! "Du Fu says, "Of course, live show is also fascinating."
"The creature insignificant; its meaning, not shallow, I brood long, moved and stirred." Du Fu had suffered the pain of losing his horse which could be compared to an extraordinary unicorn in his mind. Time travel to modern times makes him so impressed, especially when someone tells Du Fu that there is also a unicorn in Chengdu.
In fact, it is a Unicorn Island. The enormous Island, located on the east side of Tianfu New Area's Xinglong Lake. To serve as the first industrial park of its kind in the world that focuses on the cultivation and development of unicorn businesses, the Island was planned and designed in accordance with the highest international standards, and will function very well as a small smart city.
"This 'unicorn' seems very significant to Chengdu!" Du Fu says.
The transportation system has developed in decades, which makes Du Fu feel astonished. In retrospect, because of the terrain, travelling from Chengdu to other cities was quite difficult. Now, he can spend only one hour travelling to Chongqing by high-speed railway. Meanwhile, thanks to the development of the freeway and the improvement of the public lives, heading to Chongqing by private cars is also a great alternative.
The community life service circle makes Du Fu feel blessed, because this kind of management pattern could improve the quality of life of the public. Chengdu is making great efforts to establish the so-called "15-mintue public service circle", which could provide convenience of all aspects of lives, such as education, medical treatment, shopping, housekeeping etc. The public could access to those service online and offline.
In order to attract exceptional and young talents, Chengdu has worked out and adopted a series of policies to make the youth home in the city. In this circumstance, Du Fu finds he is qualified to apply for the Talents Apartment, as long as he gets the Talent Green Card. Du Fu is touched by those policies, because that is what he longs for thousand years: young talent could have their own houses.
Chengdu consoles Du Fu, who undergoes the cruel war, with its cozy life. The poet finds that the life in the city can be quite comfortable. People here are enjoying a great natural environment, which contains winding rivers, as well as greenways throughout the city. Everyone here, including Du Fu can find a sense of belonging and satisfying and the hope of the future is affluent in people's mind.
Chengdu is a city with a long history. Many famous historical events happened here. When Du Fu comes to his thatched cottage again, he realizes that this place is the most famous literary pilgrimage in China and he has become the great poet in history, which means he has become an emotional vocabulary of the culture of Chengdu.
In the past, Chengdu gave Du Fu a sense of relief. When he comes back now, he gains excitement and joyousness. This city has beautiful surroundings and the business here is quite flourishing in all ages. What is more, at present, there are some great changes in the city, such as the broader boundary and technological development across Chengdu. Meanwhile, Chengdu is getting more modern and international. The poet, Du Fu, and his poems, which were written in Chengdu, are becoming a symbol of the city.

Over 6,000 Ancient Tombs Discovered in Chengdu

The Chengdu cultural relics and archeology research institute announced May 14 its archaeological discovery and excavation of more than 6,000 ancient tombs and tens of thousands of rare relics in the city, which date back to the Warring States Period (475-221 BC) to Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

May 18, 2020

Exhibition of Fighting COVID-19 Launched at Panda Base

“Our Appointment—Giant Panda Themed Art Exhibition of Fighting COVID-19” by Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding (the Panda Base) was launched online and offline on May 18.

May 19, 2020

20 Universities Join University Consortium in Chengdu, Chongqing

Twenty major universities in Chongqing and Southwest China's Sichuan province established a university alliance in Chengdu on May 12 to promote regional exchanges in higher education.

May 19, 2020

Bamboo Cube Viewing Deck to Open to Visitors

The Viewing Deck is to be a newly-opened tourist site in eastern Chengdu.

May 22, 2020

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