Shu Brocade Inheritor Becomes Cyber Celebrity

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A popular Chinese micro documentary Great Shokunin went viral online recently.
He Bin, an inheritor of Shu Brocade craftsmanship and the leading character of the over five-minute episode 2 of the documentary's season II, became a cyber celebrity and gained lots thumb-ups on the Internet, attracting attention of and
.As one of the most famous four Chinese brocades, the Shu Brocade is endowed with rich cultural and artistic connotation with a high value of aesthetic appreciation and collection.
"For me, the Shu Brocade is something I would explore all my life, but now I just began," said Mr. He, who is the one and only inheritor under the age of 80 who has mastered all traditional craftsmanship and skills to make the brocade and has devoted all his time and energy to it for over 30 years.
Now, Mr. He endeavors to innovate the skills and techniques while inheriting the traditional workmanship. He has already reproduced various patterns for the brocade that had been lost for a long time, and has been seeking technical breakthroughs during the traditional hand knitting.
When talking about the latest works, Mr. He revealed that currently his team is working with a famous American designer on an important Shu Brocase work. "I want to keep it secret for now. It will amaze you after two years."
It is said that the next season will show more Chengdu intangible cultural heritage items including lacquer and bamboo weaving.
The video is from Great Shokunin.

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