Rhodes Scholar: Chengdu is the Best Choice for Startup

Authors: Go Chengdu


Twenty two Rhodes scholars had a meeting with hundreds of listeners aspiring to start up their business on March 24 in Chengdu.
Twenty two Rhodes scholars from New Zealand, the UK, the US, South Africa and other countries and regions had a meeting with hundreds of listeners aspiring to start up their business on March 24 at a lecture called Entrepreneurial Tianfu · Jing Rong Hui – Interactive Communication at Thinkzone in Chengdu Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone.
The meeting lasted almost for 4 hours with lively talks and discussions on career designs, startup concepts and experiences.
“All the attending Rhodes scholars have startup experiences,” said Samuel Galler, leader of the delegation, “We are glad to share our experiences with young people in Chengdu, and we can also learn from each other.” Samuel Galler is a student in the University of Oxford, majoring East Asian studies and studying the Chinese language. He visited China several times and worked as a volunteer at schools in Wenchuan County in 2010.
During their stay in Chengdu, the Rhodes scholars visited a number of some tourist sites in the city to satisfy their interest in local culture.“We are impressed by the strong enthusiasm of young people of the city,” Samuel said, “And I see the local government has made great efforts to encourage people to set up their business. I’d say people here enjoy a better investment environment than many cities in the United States. Chengdu has the cultural diversity and vitality, not to mention so many hi-tech companies and universities. The city is a best choice to start up business.”
Rhodes Trust is to announce on March 30 that the scholarship will be available for students from the Chinese mainland. The Rhodes Scholarship, is an international postgraduate award for selected foreign students to study at the University of Oxford. Established by Cecil Rhodes in 1902, it was the first large-scale program of international scholarships.

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