Nobel Laureate to Co-establish Natural Drugs Research Center with Jingrong Town

Authors: Go Chengdu


The event titled “Jingrong Forum of Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Young Biologic Scientists----Dialogue between Nobel Laureate and Young Scientists” was convened in Jingrong Town in northwest Chengdu’s Pidu District on March 28.
Ferid Murad, a co-winner of the 1998 Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine, was invited to attend the meeting together with his research team. And dozens of young biologic scientists, experts of China's national "1000 Talents Plan," as well as well-known home and overseas professors and executives from bio-pharmaceutical companies were present at the Forum.
A government official from the Pidu District said, the event was aimed at promoting the district's innovation and entrepreneurship environment, building an exchange and cooperation platform for scientists and budding entrepreneurs from home and abroad, and motivating innovation-driven technology transformation and industrial development.
Mr. Ferid Murad delivered a keynote speech at the opening ceremony for the Forum on March 28. He expressed that he marveled at Chengdu's rich bio-medical resources, and would enhance the cooperation with Chinese bio-pharmaceutical institutions especially on Traditional Chinese Medicine.
At the Forum, Mr. Ferid Murad came to an agreement with Jingrong Town, by which he will be appointed as a project consultant, and will discuss with the Pidu District government about the plan to establish an international natural drugs research center.
Jingrong Town, as one of the first demonstration bases for the national mass innovation and entrepreneurship initiative, has so far established maker spaces covering 750,000 square meters, and brought in 38 new-type innovation-based incubators, 24 academics and high-level experts of "1000 Talents Plan," 13,000 makers and 1,463 entrepreneurial projects. The local government will invest RMB500 million annually to support the establishment of innovation and entrepreneurship bases, introduce talented people and support outstanding projects.

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