Israeli Startups Eye on Exploring Chinese Market at Chengdu Innovation Competition

Authors: Xinhuanet


Israeli startups eye on exploring Chinese market when participating in Chengdu International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (CIIEC) held in Israeli central city of Tel Aviv recently.
CIIEC is an event hosted by China's Chengdu Science and Technology Bureau and organized by the International Technology Transfer Network and Chengdu Productivity Promotion Center.
The pictures are from the official WeChat account "成都科技" of the Chengdu Science and Technology Bureau.
The judges chose three startups from the medical field. The products of the winning companies are involved in antibacterial fabric coating technology, self-diagnosis technology, and critical patient management system.
Representatives of these startups will be invited to participate in a global innovation and entrepreneurship event at Chengdu, capital of southwest China's Sichuan Province, next year.
China and Israel are tightening economic and technological ties over the past years. Cutting-edge technology and innovation resources in Israel are joining forces with the enormous Chinese market.
Ding Xiaobin, director general of Chengdu Science and Technology Bureau, told Xinhua that Israel had productive innovation teams and resources.
"China and Israel were sharing the same direction of development. Both of them were focusing on industries such as electronic information, medical care, and energy," Ding told Xinhua.
Ding expressed his hopes to promote the docking of Israel's cutting-edge technological innovation resources with Chengdu through this competition.

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