Historic Sichuan town will play host to contemporary art biennale

Authors: ChinaDaily


Despite globalization bringing the world closer, humanity seems to see more conflicts, politically, economically and culturally.
The second edition of the Anren Biennale, an event held in the historic Anren Town in Chengdu, Sichuan province, will address issues central to the future of people by offering observations and analysis by artists from across the world, and discuss possible solutions to these problems.
Anren Biennale
The event to be held from Oct 12 to Feb 12, 2020, will be themed on A Confrontation of Ideas, sharing artists' thoughts and efforts to deal with the complex realities of the world.
It will be jointly curated by Chinese scholars Lyu Peng and He Guiyan and Siebe Tettero from the Netherlands.
The inaugural edition of Anren Biennale saw more than 170 artists from some 20 countries and regions.
Liu Jiakun, a Chengdu-based architect, turned a disused factory in Anren into the main venue for the biennial.

Anren Ancient Town

The buildings in Anren Town are with the distinctive West Sichuan style and well preserved, and some of them have been turned into museums.

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Anren Biennale

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Tianfu Old Town International Art Festival 2018

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