Gochengdu.cn Marks Third Birthday

Authors: Jay Liu/Photographers: Liu Zhao & Peng Ge


Gochengdu.cn, an innovation-driven official city portal of Chengdu, launched a global photo soliciting program themed “Focusing on Chengdu” and a classical music concert October 31, to celebrate its third birthday.
As many as nearly 200 guests, including local government officials, representatives from foreign consular agencies and chambers of commerce in Chengdu, as well as foreign and local friends from all walks of life, were present at the event. They witnessed the launch of a video featuring the 17,000-square kilometer Tianfu Greenway Network which is now under construction around the city. The website produced the video to promote the city's action to become a national central city reflecting the new development concept and an international metropolis.
To spread Chengdu's urban ethos featuring opening-up and inclusiveness, and promote its image being a modern and international city, gochengdu.cn will solicit worldwide photos highlighting the city's fast economic and social development, cultural richness and diversity, stunning natural beauty, as well as unique human landscape, by the end of June next year. Six award winners of two categories, best photography and best communication, will be invited to a free one-week tour to Chengdu. And all their award-winning works will be showed globally by the website. For more details, please visit www.gochengdu.cn.
At the concert, the guests appreciated traditional Chinese music performed by famous traditional Chinese Shakuhachi player Yi Jialin, reputed Guqin player Wu Na, and top-notch new style cello player Song Zhao.

Celebrating Qixi in Chengdu

Foreigners in Chengdu took part in the celebration of Qixi, the Chinese Valentine’s Day, at an event organized by local website gochengdu.cn

Aug 31, 2017

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GoChengdu.cn is recruiting bilingual live show hosts.

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Join Garmiani's Electronic Music Party at CAGO Club

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Jun 20, 2017

Get a Touch of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Come and join in the Cultural Tour to Traditional Chinese Medicine with GoChengdu.cn!

Jul 20, 2017

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