Fast-Track Visa Application Services for Foreign Talents to Chengdu

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According to new talent policies recently announced by the Chengdu city government, the Chengdu Municipal Public Security Bureau (CMPSB) will offer more convenient public services to various talents.
Top Experts and Their Spouses & Children will be Granted Permanent Resident Status
Permanent resident status will be granted to top experts and their spouses and children who would stay permanently in the city, and better public services will be offered to them for the convenience and comfort of their work and life in the city.
Fast-Track Visa Application Services for More Foreign Talents
With fast economic and social development, Chengdu is attracting more and more foreign talents. An official from the CMPSB expressed to offer more foreign personnel fast-track visa application services and maximum convenience in terms of their qualification and duration of staying or residing in the city, and document handling.
The city will accredit more personnel certification bodies. Currently, there are 25 such bodies in Chengdu which specialize in certifying special personnel with extraordinary expertise who are in short supply, and foreign personnel who are friendly towards China and have made important contributions to or have played a significant role in the city’s economic and social development and opening-up to the outside world.
For any foreign talent without visa who meets relevant requirements involving port visa can apply for a talent visa with the port visa agency after arriving in the city. The CMPSB transfers the application to relevant department(s) and the applicant can get his/her visa quickly.
Foreign talents and their spouses and underage children will be issued five-year, long-term residence permit or five-year multiple-entry visitor's, work, business or talent visa. Priority will be given to those who apply for a permanent resident status.

Chengdu Becomes Pilot City for National Innovation of Service Trade

Chengdu was designated as a pilot city for national innovation of service trade at a State Council’s executive meeting held on February 14th, according to the Chengdu Municipal Commission of Commerce (CMCC).

Feb 18, 2016

Nobel Prize Recipient to Get Subsidy up to RMB50m if Initiating Entrepreneurship in Chengdu

The Information Office of the Chengdu city government announced ten new policies to attract, nurture, support and serve talented people, at a news conference held on February 14th, 2016.

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Brief Introduction to Chinese Visa

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Switzerland to Open Visa Application Center in Chengdu

The Embassy of Switzerland in China recently announced that Switzerland will set up three new visa application centers in Chengdu, Wuhan and Shenyang, sources from the Chengdu Municipal Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office were quoted as saying on January 25th.

Jan 28, 2016

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