City Advocates Low-carbon Commuting to Make Life Greener (One)

Authors: Jay Liu


Chengdu, aiming to guide the bike sharing sector to develop orderly and soundly, and promote low-carbon commuting and green urban life, announced tentative measures to encourage developing the industry at a news briefing on March 3.
It is the first one in the country to release such government document.
Nowadays, in big cities besides such conventional modes of traffic as public bus and metro, people would commute by shared bikes. According to an official from Chengdu Municipal Transport Commission, by the end of February, 300,000 bikes have been made available for shared use in the city's five major districts and Hi-tech Zone, with a total number of users hitting 30 million.
"As one of the bike sharing service providers in Chengdu, it is very encouraging to see the publication of the measures," said Lin Jie, the national marketing director of Bluegogo and general manager of the company's Chengdu branch. Since the end of 2016 when Bluegogo set foot in the Chengdu market, the company has put 40,000 bikes into use in the city and so far its local registered users have exceeded 500,000, with a daily quantity of orders beyond 140,000. Just as signaled by the company's name, most parts of its bikes are painted blue, reminding people of the blue sky.
Flat terrain, bike-friendly roads and streets, as well as open-minded and inclusive people with a long-term bike riding habit make Bluegogo select Chengdu as the first city in west China to start its business. The expanding‘ speed of the bike sharing service is beyond Bluegogo's expectation after it has established presence here. "The shared bikes become highly popular in the city, in particular, in some hustling and bustling areas with huge crowds and commuters. Almost all bikes are occupied from the rush hours in the morning to the time after work. In addition to offering solutions to the problems involving people's daily commuting, we hope to help them lead a healthy life," said Lin Jie.
For the bike sharing service, many local residents regard it as a green and convenient traffic mode. According to a young man surnamed Zhang who works at a company in the Chengdu Tianfu Software Park, half a year ago when there was no shared bikes in the city, he had to walk about two kilometers to his office after spending dozens of minutes taking the metro. Now with the bike sharing service, he can ride a shared bike for less than 10 minutes to his company after getting off the metro. For Xiaomei, a post-80's working girl, the most annoying thing for her was once or twice a week she had to have a more than 20-minute walk to a supermarket to buy food and daily necessities and then walked home carrying the heavy stuff. But now she is not anxious about the tiresome shopping trip any longer.
After the measures were released, Bluegogo is planning to increase the number of its bikes to 100,000 by the middle of this year. The company and the city government are now working together to offer local residents a more orderly and better regulated environment for the bike sharing service. The latter has already worked out regulations on the use and maintenance of shared bikes, to protect the legitimate rights of both the service providers and users.
Green commuting plays a vital part in urban sustainable development and serves as a great driver for the fast growth of the bike sharing service sector. The service providers would make contributions to make the city greener during the development of their own businesses.

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