China, Germany to Co-build Vocational Education & Entrepreneurship Park

Authors: Go Chengdu


A vocational education training conference between China and Germany, organized by the Delegations of German Industry and Commerce (DGIC), was convened on January 21st.
At the meeting, the DGIC Shanghai, Chengdu Industrial Vocational Technical College and Chengdu's Pujiang County inked an agreement about strategic cooperation in vocational education, symbolizing the Sino-German (Chengdu) Vocational Education, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Park started construction officially.
According to the agreement, the three parties will work closely together to promote the AHK training, testing, admission and employment, as well as teacher training systems, and introduce German companies and vocational schools into China. To continuously improve the work on the Sino-German (Chengdu) AHK Vocational Education Center and well construct the Sino-German (Chengdu) Vocational Education, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Park, they are going to gather top resources of governments, industries, enterprises, colleges and universities, foreign vocational education, and research institutes to establish a platform for the development of all sides involved, so as to realize the multiple values of Germany's dual-education system, and the park's functions of hi-tech training, product R & D and commercialization of scientific fruits, cultivation of innovation and entrepreneurship talents, and cultural exchanges between China and Germany, and ultimately, to help Chengdu and southwest China to attract investment and contribute to Chengdu's economic and social growth.

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