Chengdu to Launch 100+ New Economy Products

Authors: Go Chengdu


Over 100 new products and services involving new economy application scenarios from 47 Chengdu enterprises will be unveiled at a launch event to be convened here in the city on March 31 afternoon.
The conference will be held in an interactive form to be realized through one main venue and three sub-venues connected by live-streaming screens. At the event, developers and companies providing the products and services will give details on their application scenarios, and experts will share their insights on how to promote the development of the new economy in Chengdu.
Chengdu  New Economy
At present, Chengdu sees the birth of nearly 200 new economy companies every day. To date, there have been over 350,000 such businesses here in the city. Among them, 6 have met the standards for a unicorn (a unicorn company or unicorn startup is a private company with a market valuation over US$1 billion) and 122 for a quasi-unicorn.
Chengdu  New Economy

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