Chengdu’s Wenjiang Draws Attention at Sino-Swiss Low Carbon Cities Meeting

Authors: China Daily


During the Sino Swiss Low Carbon Cities (SSLCC) project training meeting held in Chengdu from September 11 to 13, Chengdu’s Wenjiang low carbon demonstration projects received recognition from Chinese and Swiss experts.
The meeting was aimed at promoting the demonstration projects in China and Switzerland, and sharing the latest experiences in low carbon city construction. Over 120 government and company representatives from China and Switzerland participated in the discussion.
The SSLCC project is a cooperative project that allows China and Switzerland to jointly cope with global climate change. Started in 2016, the project serves as a platform and has promoted low carbon and green development in 10 Chinese cities, including Wenjiang.
Using the three-level (city, community and building) planning index system in Switzerland as a reference, Wenjiang achieved great success in low carbon spatial planning, low carbon urban transportation, natural resource management, urban development policy, implementation frameworks, and renewable energy utilization.
Represented by Sino Swiss (Chengdu) Low Carbon Bio Medical Industrial Park, Wenjiang cooperated with Switzerland on biomedical science and environmental protection.
Relying on the water recycling and garbage disposal technology of Switzerland, as well as help from Swiss scientific, medical, and financial institutions, Wenjiang is slowly moving toward its goal of becoming a low carbon city.

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