Chengdu’s E-information Industry on a Fast Track

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On November 18, Intel’s Advanced Test Technology (ATT) project was put into operation in Chengdu Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone.
It was the first time for Intel to bring in the US$1.6 billion ATT project to China. The company's Chengdu plant will thus integrate chip package test, wafer pre-processing and advanced test technology.
Intel planned to invest US$1.6 billion in the next 15 years in Chengdu to upgrade its industrial chain involving wafer pre-processing, packaging and test. This is an IT roadmap of Intel Chengdu launched by the company in 2014. According to the plan, it would bring in Intel's latest ATT to China. Now the roadmap has become reality.
Intel's ATT Utilized in China for the First Time
According to Ms. Ann B. Kelleher, corporate vice president and general manager of the Technology and Manufacturing Group at Intel Corporation, the ATT is key to guaranteeing the company's business growth in the new era of smart connected devices. After being put into production, the technology will greatly improve Intel's production capacity and optimize its global supply chain.
The ATT is an important improvement of Intel's manufacturing process with a series of innovation achievements. In December 2014, Intel announced that it would invest US$1.6 billion in the next 15 years to upgrade the Chengdu facility's operations of wafer pre-processing, packaging and test, and introduce the technology to China.
"Locating the important innovative project of the semiconductor industry in Chengdu is because of Intel's full understanding and recognition of the city's investment environment, " said Ms. Kelleher. She noted that the technology will lead to great innovations in the semiconductor industry and continuously strengthen Intel's competitive manufacturing capability.
Chengdu Becomes Major City of Intel's Global Supply Chain
"Leading experts in the world spent 6 years on the R&D of ATT. The project was finally put into production 3 months earlier than the expected date," said Mr. Robin Martin, Intel Corporate Vice President and General Manager of Assembly Test Manufacturing, adding that the ATT is key to ensuring the business growth in the new era of smart connected devices. It is a revolutionary advancement of Intel's manufacturing techniques, integrating a lot of important innovative achievements.
"We will apply the technology to more products in the future and increase investments based on the mass production speed and frequency," said Mr. Martin.
"Intel's Chengdu plant has become one of the most important high-end manufacturing bases in China, and an important center in our supply chain. It will begin mass production together with our plant in the US, and the products will be provided to our users worldwide. The production will be of great significance to upgrade our industrial chain and Chengdu's regional economic development," said Bian Chenggang, vice-president of technology and manufacturing group and general manager of Intel Chengdu.
Intel's ATT will realize the segmentation of the semiconductor industry, involving not only the cloud, client and storage, but also the communications, unmanned aerial vehicle and artificial intelligence, and help the products in these areas come out soon.
With the help of the ATT, the high-end chips will make it possible for the VR to be upgraded into MR, the final form of VR. Through the MR, users can see their hands, friends and walls in front of them, and interact with everything in the virtual world.

Chengdu Attracts IT Giants

Many other IT giants have invested in Chengdu and the Chengdu High-tech Comprehensive Bonded Zone is home to a number of leading IT companies, including Intel, Dell, Lenovo, Foxconn and Molex.

Dec 20, 2014

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Nov 25, 2016

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