Chengdu Reviewed the Design Proposals for Local Characteristic Towns (Blocks) and Linpan Worldwide

Authors: Go Chengdu


As an important part of Chengdu's effort to build itself into a beautiful and livable park city, 100 characteristic towns (cultural blocks) and 1000 Linpans in the city will be renovated and revitalized based on planning and design schemes solicited globally. Both experts and the public are invited to involve in the campaign closely associated with the local people's livelihood and well-being.
On December 27, 2019, Chengdu launched a global solicitation of planning and design proposals for its characteristic towns (cultural blocks) and Linpans (a unique kind of rural residential settlement in the Chengdu Plain). The review meeting, led by expert panel, including Wu Zhiqiang and Zhuang Yumin, academicians from the Chinese Academy of Engineering, as well as academician Duanjin from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, wrapped up on July 13. The reviewing combined online and offline organizing and the result of the design proposals for 6 towns and 16 Linpans will be unveiled later.
Visual rendering of Linpan
Visual rendering of Linpan, a unique kind of rural residential settlement in the Chengdu Plain
which encompasses farmhouses, farmlands and a surrounding natural environment, as well as incorporates agricultural production, rural life and landscapes
When the international solicitation began, it was warmly welcomed by the related design institutions, individual designers, amateurs and undergraduates. As of the deadline for the submission, a total of 174 application documents from natural persons, legal persons or teams from home and abroad were submitted for the public group. In terms of professional group, the organizers selected 9 consortiums formed by 20 international first-class planning and design institutions from the 58 applicants formed by 90 design teams around the world.
Visual rendering of characteristic town

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