Chengdu Media Group Explores Gomel

Authors: Jay Liu


On May 3 (local time), a group of Chengdu media professionals, who were members of a Chinese media delegation to Belarus, made a visit to Gomel, Belarus, where they interviewed representatives from several local companies and communicated in depth with a couple of government officials of the city and Gomel Region.
In November 2016, a delegation led by vice governor of Gomel Region attended the 2016 Western China International Fair, and signed a memorandum of understanding on establishing a friendly and cooperative relationship between Chengdu and Gomel, which made the two cities become sister cities-to-be.
Hometown of Famous Brand Spartak
When entering into Gomel, the first things the reporters saw were wide and clean streets, lush trees and unique Russian-style architectures, stirring their strong desire to explore the city.
There is a very famous candy factory in Gomel, Factory Spartak, which produces various kinds of chocolates, biscuits and candies. A sweet aroma can be smelt hundreds of meters away from the factory, triggering people's imagination that they are in a huge honey jar. Guided by Zhidkov Oleg, general manager of the factory, the reporters took a close look at the production lines and had a good understanding of the production processes of the products, including raw material preparation, food modeling, cooling and packing. What's worth mentioning is that all equipment and parts of the factory's new US$10 million highly-automated wafer production line which had just been put into operation were made in Germany and Italy, significantly saving manpower and guaranteeing 24-hour production.
In addition, the delegation visited Holding Gomselmash, one of Belarus's largest manufacturers of agricultural machinery, Ingman Ice Cream Factory, Palace of the Rumyantsevs and Paskeviches and Park of Gomel City, which makes Gomel citizens proudest.
Spreading Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Culture to Benefit Gomel Residents
"We are looking forward to the coming of doctors from Chengdu who can bring amazing TCM therapies to us," said Petr Kirichenko, mayor of Gomel, during an interview with the reporters in the city hall. He noted that Chengdu is a major city in China as well as an important city along the Road and Belt, so he hoped for more cooperation between companies from both parties, and more frequent people-to-people exchanges. In February 2017, the first batch of Chengdu doctors came to Gomel and shared their medical experience and skills with their Belarusian counterparts. The mayor expected to set up a TCM center inside the Second World War Hospital for the Disabled of Gomel Region, where local medical professionals can learn medical experience and skills from their Chengdu peers. He believed that the center could be founded at the end of 2017 or the beginning of 2018.
September 16 marks Gomel's annual City Festival, and this year the city will celebrate its 875th one. Mr. Kirichenko expressed his warm welcome to his counterparts, representatives from different fields and citizens in Chengdu to his city to enjoy the amazing and happy event together with the local people, so as to enhance the mutual understanding and friendship between the people of both cities.
During the visit to Gomel, the media delegation also had an in-depth talk with Andrei Koniushka, vice governor of Gomel Region.

Chengdu Contributes to Sino-Belarus Friendship

The Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation will be held in Beijing on May 14-15. Alexander Grigoryevich Lukashenko, president of Belarus, will attend the event.

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