Chengdu Media Delegation Visits Spain (1): Panda Mania in Madrid

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At the beginning of 2017, a media delegation from Chengdu visited Madrid, the first stop of its Spanish tour to expand cultural exchange between Chengdu and the Spanish city.
It took part in a naming ceremony for a baby panda born in Spain and an art exhibition themed panda at the zoo in Madrid on January 12 (local time).
Distinguished Guests Showing up at the Event
The event attracted more than one hundred distinguished guests and reporters to witness the naming ceremony for the baby panda Chulina, including Mr. Lv Fan, the Chinese Ambassador to Spain and Ms. Cristina Cifuentes, the President of the Community of Madrid.
Born in 2016, Chulina was the first female panda born in the zoo. Due to her popularity among the Spanish people, a naming contest was launched in Spain and finally, Chulina, a name meaning a treasure in the bamboo forest in Spanish, was chosen as her name.
Panda-related Cultural Elements Seen Everywhere
The exhibition showcasing panda-themed sculptures and paintings draws a lot of attention in the zoo.
A comfortable and cozy environment for the panda in the zoo
The logo of the zoo is the image of a panda. Mr. Jesus Fermandes, director of the United Parks Group in charge of the group's European affairs, said that the zoo chose the panda image as its symbol because the Giant Panda from Chengdu reflects the long history of the friendship between China and Spain, and stands for the harmony between human and nature.
The event is part of the "Chengdu Week in Spain 2017" program, during which Chengdu will host a series of colorful activities including a Sichuan food show.

Find "the Panda" in City

Besides real pandas, panda-themed elements can be found everywhere in Chengdu.

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