Chengdu is more than home of giant pandas, but an internal transport hub: foreign journalists



Chengdu is not only the home of pandas, but also an international transport hub that boasts dozens of international railway and multimodal transport channels, foreign journalists from Arab countries have found.
Chengdu International Railway Port
They visited the Chengdu International Railway Port on October 31 to learn more about the operation of the China-Europe express railway in Chengdu and the development of a joint international land and sea transport network on a trip as part of the second media workshop organized by the Belt and Road News Network (BRNN).
As an inland city in China, Chengdu has an extensive transportation network to all countries in all parts of the world, stressed Mahmoud Mohamed, Managing Editor of of El Youm El Sabae in Egypt.
He added that this undoubtedly builds a bridge between Chengdu and the outside world, which is conducive not only to the promotion of China's economic development, but also to countries along the Belt and Road so that they could also benefit from China's growth and realize joint development.
The China-Europe express railway in Chengdu is not only favorable in promoting balanced development of all regions in China and injecting vitality into the Chinese economy, but also serves as a major artery connecting cities inside and outside of China and promoting trade between China and foreign countries, El Moustapha Elbou, the Founder & Editor in Chief of Manda RIM in Mauritania, said.
The visit to Chengdu was filled with surprises for Ali Raya, Editor-in-Chief of China In Arab Eyes, Lebanon, as he used to only think of Chengdu as the home of giant pandas. However, he said he was amazed by the robust transportation and logistics infrastructure this city offers.

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