CMG Launches New Media Platforms

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On the afternoon of October 30, the Chengdu Media Group (CMG) launched its digital editing center and first batch of new media platforms.
To advance the convergence of media under the Group, CMG has worked out a strategic plan, according to which a modern communication system focusing on new media will be established in three years. The move is aimed to make CMG become one of the top new-type media groups in China, which have powerful capability of communication, public trust and influence.
The new media platforms include Jinguan and Tanzi, two Wechat official accounts established by the Chengdu Daily and Chengdu Economic Daily respectively, We Chengdu, Chengdu Evening News’s official microblog account at both and, and the newly revised news portal
At the launch ceremony, CMG signed strategic cooperative agreements separately with China Telecom and China Development Bank to ensure network information security with advanced technologies, promote the media convergence with the partners and expand the operations in services of local life information, digital entertainment, e-commerce and Internet finance.
Chengdu Daily’s Strategy to Facilitate Media Convergence
Recently, Chengdu Daily has started a new development strategy called “133 Plan”, meaning that the newspaper will build a professional team for three new media platforms, and launch three new media products in the near future.
The three platforms are those respectively for news gathering and editing, comprehensive outdoor information based on electronic readers screens, which combine the functions of mass communication, services and management, as well as for all media technologies featuring the digital Internet, big data analysis, cloud computing and virtualization.
The three products refer to the Jinguan mobile client, website and electronic readers screens. Jinguan, meaning having a better understanding of the world through the latest change and development of Chengdu. It, based upon the content of the print newspaper Chengdu Daily, offers real-time news online. The is aimed to become a digital encyclopedia on Chengdu and the first window onto the city in international communication and exchange. The electronic readers screens are an outdoor medium for public communication, which is primarily set up in star hotels, Party and government offices, and institutions of higher education in the city.
Join Us with the All Media Team of Chengdu Daily
Job Description & Requirements:
Copy Editor
1. Having a unique nose for news and expert news judgment, and being familiar with demands of readers;
2. Having a strong sense of humor, being familiar with ways of expression for network news, and having superior writing skills; and,
3. Being full of passion for the Internet journalism, highly motivated and energetic.
Art Editor
1. Having unique aesthetic judgment and abundant creativity;
2. Being familiar with ways of aesthetic needs of different netizens and having strong capabilities of creating perfect visual expressions of the information for them; and,
3. Having at least one year working experience with good skills of graphics production and illustrations.
If you're interested in the above jobs and our team, please email us your resume and relevant information at or
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