A Swiss Photographer’s Special Greetings to Chengdu

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As an innovation-driven official city portal of Chengdu, gochengdu.cn has been striving to tell Chengdu stories well and organize creative off-line events and activities for both Chinese and foreign users.
On a spring day in early March, Swiss photographer Mr. Guillaume Kaufmann uploaded an amazing video clip online which records the snowscape of the Alps in his home country, and then shared it with "Chengdu", gochengdu.cn's official account on Facebook. The three-minute video capturing the breath-taking scenery in Jura Mountains was shot with a drone made in China, which is the first-place prize Mr. Kaufmann won at the "Focus on Chengdu" photo contest launched by gochengdu.cn in 2017.
"I feel very honored to participate in the contest and was awarded the drone, which offers me a new way of photography. I feel like flying in the sky when taking pictures using it. This is the natural landscape of Switzerland I took," said Mr. Kaufmann on Facebook. Between the lines, we can feel his best wishes to gochengdu.cn and Chengdu people.
Gochengdu.cn initiated the contest in November 2017, to collect photos globally that give a glimpse of Chengdu's past and present. Both veteran and amateur photographers around the world were welcome to submit their Chengdu-themed pictures taken with cameras, smart phones or mobile apps, in different styles.
Award-winning photos shown at the ceremony
A year later, the website collected over 1,000 entries by about 500 photographers, which vividly depict the city's traditional culture and modern civilization, local people's leisurely lifestyle, and rapid economic and social development. On November 21, 2018, the Focus on Chengdu Photo Exhibition & Awarding Ceremony was held and six photographers from around the globe were announced to be winners. A selection of 48 award-winning photos were showed at the site. The Tianfu Greenway, pandas, Sichuan Opera, hotpot, teahouses and other local cultural elements of the Tianfu Culture present distinct glamour and charm in the photographers' unique angles of view.
Photo by Mr. Kaufmann
Mr. Kaufmann stood out from all competitors with his wonderful photos featuring the magnificent Dujiangyan Irrigation System, the mighty Minjiang River and majestic old pagoda on the bank of the river, which perfectly match with the snowscape in the video he presented to the Chengdu people. "If I have a chance to visit Chengdu again, I will definitely record, with the precious drone, the latest changes and impressive moments of the city," he said.
Photo by Mr. Kaufmann
Backgrounder: As an innovation-driven official city portal of Chengdu, gochengdu.cn has been striving to tell Chengdu stories well and organize creative off-line events and activities for both Chinese and foreign users. With long-term efforts and rich experience, gochengdu team operates well not only the website, but also its social networking accounts on WeChat (GoChengdu够成都), Facebook (Go Chengdu), Twitter (@Chengdu, China) and Instagram (@Chengdu_China), keeping frequent interaction with international organizations, media outlets, and netizens throughout the globe. Currently, its Facebook account has more than 50,000 followers with a total of 10 million views, and its Twitter account has more than one million views. In 2018, the Instagram account received 53,889 likes and 1,381 comments for 127 tweets, with a yearly volume of views hitting over 889,000.

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