What Is the Color of Love in Chengdu?

Authors: Go Chengdu


Go around and find your loved colors in Chengdu!
With the romantic Chinese Valentine's Day, or the Double-seven Day just passed, we would wonder what the color of love is, or what's the color of Chengdu in your eyes?

Passion and excitement, modern and enchanting, It's the color of heart.
The red walls in Wuhou Shrine Museum, and the drinkers in Qintai Road, even the spicy hotpot, are the most precious "red" memory.
The sunrise and sunset are the best sights in Chengdu, as orange is the color of happiness.
Ginkgo leaves turn yellow when autumn falls, and the golden mask in the Jinsha Site Museum is hallowed for its color. You would also be fascinated by the Langqiao Bridge on the Jinjiang River, by its lights and shadows.

Trees on the Jinjiang Greenway and lotus leaves in the pond of Sichuan University are green, the color of youth.
The color of cyan means firm and strong, being the color of the ancient epics.
Open the window in the morning on a fine day and you'll catch the sight of the Xiling Snow Mountains, like streaks of thin cyan in a traditional Chinese painting.
Blue is the symbol of long-lasting romance, the color of the sky in Chengdu.
The neon lights in the night are mysterious, wearing the same color of the lavenders on the rolling hills in suburban Chengdu.
Every color has its meanings, and every romance is sweet and beautiful. The colors of Chengdu are also the colors of love. Go around and find your loved colors in Chengdu!
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