Keywords of 2019 Chengdu Spring Festival

Authors: Go Chengdu


A review of what happened in Chengdu during the 7-day Spring Festival holiday and we have the keywords...
Keyword 1: Cultural tours
Local culture has emerged as the main attraction to tourists and gradually gained recognition around the world.
Statistics show that 18, 92 million visitors came to Chengdu during the 2019 Spring Festival holiday, an increase of 20.1% over the previous year.
Keyword 2: Greenways
As of the end of January, a total of 785 km of the Tianfu Greenway system had been built, becoming as new attractions to many visitors.
Keyword 3: New routes
Fourteen new tourist routes with the theme of "Winter Green Sightseeing in Chengdu" such as The Pandas, Linpans, Greenways, Ancient Towns, Local Cuisine, Music and so on were offered to fulfill the demands of different visitors.
Keyword 4: Country tour
Sunshine attracted visitors to the countryside during this winter holiday.
Huaxigu Rose Flowers Valley and some flowers-appreciation festivals became the new travel fashion.
Keyword 5: Culture activities
Cultural activities, such as intangible cultural heritage displays, library reading clubs, and art gallery exhibitions, were very popular during the holiday.
Several theme festivals like 2019 Chengdu Jinsha Sun Festival, 10th Du Fu Culture Festival and 2019 Chengdu Temple Fair showed visitors the colorful aspects of Chengdu life.

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